The Whimsical Wise Bamboo


During a full moon, on a cool night, I’m sitting with a cup of hot chocolate while I’m watching the bamboo in the backyard dancing like long slithering serpents for my pleasure. The thirty foot plus yellow bamboo culms are like an elegant ballet performing in unison with each other like they have rehearsed this performance thousands of times before to entertain me.

The bamboo sways back and forth with the wind. It has no purpose, no master and not a care in the world as the braches move randomly and effortlessly creating a cracking sound while rubbing against each other.  The bamboo never has to worry about time, deadlines or commitments. Oh how wonderful to be completely free.

I take another sip of hot chocolate and close my eyes and relax completely listening to the sound of the bamboo clanking against each other.  I take a moment then another moment which in turn becomes a minute and another minute until I have completely lost track of the time.  All the tightness in my body and the multitude of thoughts in my mind start to fade away. Nothing else matters accept the peacefulness of the night and the movement of the bamboo.

After several minutes of pure bliss, I slowly open my eyes and feel totally at ease and begin to think about what the bamboo can teach me. Looking back up to the sky, I see again the bamboo and begin to understand another secret of nature. Avoid being tight and stiff. Flow with whatever problems come my way. Do not try to swim against a riptide, but instead flow with the current and go around confrontational people and situations that upset the harmony of my existence. Do not be a wimp, but do not spend the time fighting, arguing or confronting a problem or adversary that is not that meaningful to the overall wellbeing of life. Sometimes it is just better to walk away and let the other side win and only go to battle to fight the most important issues in life. In other words, sway and bend to external forces like the bamboo and rise above the petty issues in day to day life.

The bamboo project’s the Taoist philosophy of overcoming thru avoidance and yet the bamboo also displays strength in its straight towering projected manner as if it is standing militarily at attention ready to do battle with the wind and everything mother nature’s forces throws its way.  Moreover, the bamboo bends effortlessly yielding to the everyday wind currents while saving its strength to fight another more important day.


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