Why are men from America going to countries like Syria and Iraq to join and fight alongside the terrorist group ISIS?  What is the appeal for these totally brain washed males desperately wanting to be on the battlefield and get completely involved as zombie foot soldiers for ISIS? According to the Washington Times, 100’s of American fighters have left the United States and jumped on a plane to go take up a fight so many miles away from their home.

For all the problems in America, life is good. Why throw away what many people worldwide would love to have?  Many immigrants try desperately to cross the border from Mexico to gain entrance into the United States for a better life. Yet a young man living comfortably in the U.S. will go fight in the middle of a sandbox because an extremist propaganda website said that he should join the struggle. These would be gung ho wannabe jihadists should get smart and have their head’s screwed on straight. They are being used by selfish cult like psychopathic figures who will stop at nothing and manipulate anyone to try to create a Sharia law world. The more disenfranchised and unhappy the male is, the easier it will be for the recruiter to control their emotional state.

Even worse, some of these fighters may eventually return home and harm America by becoming domestic terrorists. The bombers who attacked the Boston marathon came with their parents to the United States for a better life. Yet they inflicted such pain on the country and the people who welcomed them in with open arms. Yes, financially it is difficult for new arrivals, but the vast majority of immigrants who come to America and become productive law abiding citizens. It takes a real coward to set off bombs that rip apart and kill innocent unsuspecting people.

Any fool that leaves a home in the West to go fight for a warped religious propaganda agenda is nothing but a pawn that is totally disposable. At the end of the day, these American jihad fighters are outsiders in faraway countries like Iraq and Syria and may well die in vain for an unjust cause that is based on controlling and slaughtering innocent helpless people.


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