Meditation Technique #2

A meditation technique that I practice is not the most orthodox or traditional, but it works mighty fine for me. I’m dressed in a very soft extremely comfortable white 100% Egyptian jellabiya. I slip a Shakuhachi Japanese flute music cd into the disc player and turn the stereo system volume very low.( One of my favorites is Shakuhachi-the Japanese Flute cd by Kohachiro Miyata.)

Shakuhachi – The Japanese Flute

I then proceed to lay flat on my back on a cushy yoga mat. I like to sometimes rest on my back because it is much more relaxing and I seem to chill out quicker this way. I close my eyes and begin to fade off into another zone. The Japanese Shakuhachi flute music is playing in the background and I’m totally at peace and forget everything else that is happening in my life. I can feel the stress melting away and my body is light and my mind becomes mostly clear of all thinking. When a thought does pop into my brain I do not try to push it out. I let the thought float around inside my mind and eventually it dissolves on its own.  My mind may get restless, but eventually it settles down. I do not force my brain to stop thinking, I just relax and settle into the natural state of mediation. When the CD finishes, I open my eyes and slowly rise up feeling refreshed and ready to go back to my daily routine.


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