It is now more important than ever that leaders of all countries especially in the Muslim world continually and forcefully speak out in a very public manner against the barbarism of ISIS.

According to the Pew Research Center’s Pew Research and Religious Public Life Project, Muslims number 1.6 Billion representing 23% of the population of the world.  The overwhelming vast amounts of followers of Islam are peaceful, moral, normal and loving people. Taken in the grand scheme of the global Muslim population, the radical extremists are nothing, but a few grains of sand in a vast desert. Unfortunately, everyday more and more mainly young Muslim men are joining Islamic terrorist organizations.

On the other side of the coin, there is also becoming a greater backlash against Muslims by the Western world. This is most regrettable because there is developing a divide between the Muslims and non-Muslims that is drifting into a toxic relationship. The widespread hatred and misunderstanding must be contained or else the world could rapidly explode into a full-blown modern day religious war. This would create Armageddon engulfing most of mankind for many years to come. An all-out potential holy war pitting Islam against the other world religions is the ultimate goal of these fanatical terrorist groups like ISIS and Al- Qaida.  The world must not fall into the trap that is being set by the evil radical Islamic extremists.



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