ISIS is an out of control terrorist organization which needs to be exterminated as soon as possible. Is the entire global population of 7 Billion people going to have to continue to sit and chew their nails in horror watching ISIS commit atrocities? Baghdadi and his so called caliphate fighters are currently terrorizing the entire planet. This is unbelievable!  In the most simple of terms; ISIS must be taken down. Period…

The air campaign being conducted by the United States and Coalition military forces in Iraq and Syria will not be enough to degrade ISIS.  There is no diplomatic solution for the ISIS problem. The world’s leaders must step up to the plate, unite and immediately form a substantial multinational military force on the ground inclusive of Arab Nations that will move aggressively into Iraq and Syria to take out substantial chunks of ISIS. Yes, cutting off ISIS’s funding is important, but it is not enough.  At this point, the leaders of the countries of the world do not have a choice but to take decisive action on this crisis.

Radical Islamic terrorism is going to exist around the globe and will not be completely exterminated, but ISIS is more than a bunch of warped ideological fanatics. ISIS’s tentacles are now spreading out too far. The world must not just sit back and wish that ISIS will go away. ISIS cannot continue to grow much larger, murder, torture and rape mass amounts of innocent people. ISIS also cannot continue to be allowed to march across the region gobbling up huge amounts of territory. ISIS and their hateful ideology are against the values of all the civilized people on earth. The head of this highly poisonous snake can be cut off now or later, but every day that ISIS moves about with impunity, it is growing stronger and is a tremendous threat to the security of the entire world.


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