It can no longer be taboo to speak out against Radical Islam or Islamic extremism. There is an infestation of warped ideology that is spreading throughout the world. The fiery hatred that is being spit out by Islamic terrorist organizations is nothing but a strategy to keep women down and an excuse for religious persecution and violence against non-believers. Any person, religious or not, that preaches hate, violence, murder, loss of individual freedoms, prejudice, etc. is a narrow minded sick individual. Burning churches, slaughtering innocent people and kidnapping girls in the name of the Islam religion, is a travesty towards the overwhelming majority of peaceful Muslim followers worldwide.

The proliferation of Islamic extremism is exploding with a vengeance on the global stage and the countries of the world are increasingly having a difficult time controlling the malignant spread of Radical Islam. The world must band together against the radical religious fanatics. Islamic terrorists are nothing but evil cowards.


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