Cause by Sixto Rodrigues – Coming From Reality CD

It’s 4AM and all I see is a blank white sheet of paper that is loaded in my manual typewriter. I’m stuck and the words just will not come out. I have already gone through my second glass of Coconut Rum mixed with Dr. Pepper and desperately need some inspiration. I get up from my desk, walk around and choose from my music collection, the CD Coming from Reality, by Sixto Rodrigues. The first track entitled Cause gets the creative juices in my veins pumping again. When listening to this tune, I feel like my heart is being ground up in a sausage grinder. The entire CD is outstanding, but the song Cause is a mind bender.


Here is a link to YouTube to listen to the song Cause performed by Sixto Rodrigues:



Here is the link for the entire Cd:



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