WAKE UP AMERICA! An Uninformed Nation Is Easier To Control

We Americans need to become more informed about what is happening in the United States and around the world. Do not live vicariously thru others on reality television. The people on cable TV are only looking to make a fast buck on their fifteen minutes of fame. Information is power and the more the average person in America knows what’s going on the better off all of us will be. The influential want the population to be uninformed idiots. An ignorant and unhealthy population is much easier to control.

More people need to ask questions like the following?

  1. Why does the national debt continue to spiral out of control?
  2. Why does the United States continue to give money to so many other countries when our financial house is not in order?
  3. Why can’t the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives agree on anything of importance?
  4. Why do the lobbyists and special interest groups control the direction of America?
  5. Why can’t the United States secure its border?
  6. Why can large US multinational company’s stash their cash in overseas banks and not pay the appropriate amount of taxes like every other American?
  7. Why do foreign governments have so much power in America’s government?
  8. Why does America get pulled into wars under false pretenses?
  9. Why can Wall Street practically collapse the global financial system, the titans walk away free as a jay bird’s and the American taxpayer gets stuck paying the bill?
  10. Why do so many ex government officials leave the government and end up sliding right into high paying Wall Street or large corporate jobs?


The list can go on and on, but everyone can see the point. We the people need to be more involved in how our government is being run.  All of us need to take the time to understand what is going on under our noses. The person that you see on the street, in the mall,or next door, did not cause the mess the country is in.  The financial and political elite are the culprits.



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