Technology & The American Worker #7 – Car Repair Shops


The average new car today is not much more than a moving sophisticated computer surrounded by metal and plastic. Mechanics need to not only be well versed in computer technology and how it all ties together with the automobile, but also have access to the very expensive diagnostic equipment to perform an analysis on problems with the car and then fix and replace the bad parts. The days of the good mechanic being able to listen to the running of the car and taking it for a test drive are coming to an end. The protocol now when a person brings their auto in for repair, is for the shop to hook it up to a computer, and scan the cars computer. The old-time mechanics that have small shops many times do not have the capital to purchase the diagnostic equipment to analyze a new cars problem. These small shop mechanics have in many cases decades of experience working on cars. They can tear an older car engine down to pieces and put the engine back together perfectly in their sleep, but if the car is newer or highly computerized like the luxury automobiles of the last few years,  then the customer needs to take the car to a dealer who has the equipment to exactly pinpoint the problem without replacing multiple parts thru process of elimination. Even though a master mechanic is at the top of his game, that person still needs access to the proper highly expensive equipment to diagnose the problem with the automobiles computer.  Many small mechanic shops will close in the future because they will not have the capital to buy the highly sophistic equipment to diagnose newer cars.  Year after year, the older cars are being sent to the crusher and small shop mechanics are fighting the clock until eventually these mechanics will have to close up and find other professions or reeducate themselves so they can go to work for the dealers or other large multi-location repair companies.  The dealers are highly financed and can afford to have the expensive latest and greatest high tech diagnostic equipment.

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