Cuban Music: Afro-Cuban All Stars-Amor Verdadero

It’s a hot Saturday afternoon and the Bar B Que is cooking with ribs, lamb, sausage and marinated vegetables. My shirt is off and I’m soaking up the sun working on my South Florida Tan. The stereo volume is set at high high high… The outdoor speakers are pumping out Cuban Music. I’m drinking Ice cold Heineken beer and smoking an outstanding Nicaraguan cigar. It does not get much better than this.

Here is a sizzling hot music pick that will blow the doors off wherever in the world you live. The name of the song is Amor Verdadero on the CD Afro-Cuban All Stars “A Toda Cuba le Gusta”. The track includes an incredible section with Ruben Gonzalez playing the piano.

Click here for the YouTube link:

Here is the Amazon Link to purchase the individual track or cd. The entire cd is fantastic.

A Toda Cuba Le Gusta


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