Dominique by Jeanne Paule Deckers The Singing Nun -Music

This 1963 song, titled Dominique, is  by Belgium songwriter Jeanne Paule Deckers, also known as Soeur Sourire and as the The Singing Nun.  The Lyrics are in French.  Listening to Dominique makes me feel so happy. The outside speakers are set to a nice high volume. I’m in my garden weeding, planting, pruning and smoking my pipe. The birds are chirping, the squirrels are climbing trees, an iguana is clinging to  a bamboo culm, and the butterflies are all about. The hermit is laughing and on top of the world. It’s such a fantastic hot summer day, in sunny South Florida USA.

Click here to listen to this classic music piece from 1963, at YouTube:

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