The Masks That We Wear

Les blessures invisibles (The invisible wounds)


Author and Photographer Runeda  is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this fine art photography.  From his project” Moi–Peau”  (“Me – – Skin”) .  To see Runeda’s  body of work click on any image.


L’Animal humain (The human animal)


Les absences (The blackouts)


Cœur révélateur (Tell-Tale heart)


La Vénus à la fourrure (The Venus in the fur)


Sans tain ni abyme (One-way nor abyss)


” Moi–Peau”  (“Me – – Skin”)

Skin is a boundary between myself and the rest of the world. It is a part of me but I am much more than my appearance; I am a whole story.

What’s hidden behind appearances, behind clothes or even behind that skin? It’s the skin as an envelope, an interface that made me wonder and naturally brought me to the psychoanalytic concept of «Moi–Peau». Without initially knowing about the concept, I found the association of these two words both poetic and moving. «Moi» (Me) as who I am, in all my complexity and «Peau» (Skin) as bodily label, this costume I depend upon and which visually summarises me.

I did not want to approach the subject through nudes, but rather be on the edge between the outside world surrounding us and what we are inside. The skin is an image. It’s a fragile outfit, a tailor-made one, it represents all we live through and everything we imagine on top of that. It’s all that hides, protects, denudes or goes through us.

Through this «thickness» and imperceptible texture, I wanted to write the story of a pursuit, that of myself. A narrative fiction of which the red line is a man but also a woman who interact, find themselves, and take care of each other in an extravagant world with a baroque atmosphere, a re-enchanted past, desired and a bit messy like my memories are. I wanted to metaphorically stage the feeling of being in between (two worlds), the fear of intrusion, the abstract wounds, the power of the mirror, the feeling of belonging to a group, the masks that we wear; all those impressions making us who we are, those multiple layers making our complexity.

This series is named «Moi–Peau» with two dashes standing for the the stitches between these two words because there are always wounds in order to accept oneself in this skin.


Les masques avisés ( Let’s go down to headquarter)


Les beau draps (The finest sheets)


Mascarade (Masquerade)


Identiques et uniformes (Identical and uniform)



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