Perspective from Afar

Shut up! Do not talk about my country when you do not live here. These are just a couple of statements often said online by a citizen of one country when a foreigner discusses problems in their nation. What gives a person from another country (an outsider) the right to comment or analyze a nation’s politics, economy, or other affairs that is not their own? A person who does not live in the country, but has visited and spent time  there, or who has analyzed the situation in that region, is not emotionally involved. They will have a different perspective than someone who’s life is directly impacted by events happening in that country.

Being detached can be highly beneficial in not taking sides, and looking at the situation at hand, and not thru rose colored glasses, or with prejudice. Maybe an outsider will have a viewpoint that could be useful that the participants have not considered. It is important for various opinions across different backgrounds to weigh in on a country’s current affairs because technically history is constantly evolving and different cultural interpretations assist to make sense of what is unfolding.

Obviously, people of the country, were the events are happening are on the ground, in the thick of things, and can give a real time real life perspective. The participants are in the flesh living day to day for better or worse in that particular society. An outsider visiting or living in the country can pick up sticks and leave at any time. A foreigner is not necessarily personally affected because of limited ties to the county. However, analysis done by an outsider that is not politically or economically motivated is extremely useful.

Individuals who are well versed in international relations, open minded and are unbiased in their conclusions can sometimes be an asset in helping to sort out the situation affecting a particular country. However, one should use extreme caution when reading foreign affairs analysis done on the internet, TV and print media or by large institutions, corporations and governments unless their objective is openly known. This can be very difficult because it is many times impossible to know the money or power behind the conclusions being given.



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