ISIS Will Fold Like a Cheap Suit

On June 29th 2014 ISIS stated that it had formed a caliphate called The Islamic State and Baghdadi would be now called Caliph Ibrahim.  Word on the street is that Baghdadi is even descended from the Prophet  Mohammed’s tribe.  I’m not sure the best marketing and advertisement minds in the world could come up with such hogwash.  The press release style barbaric videos of the killing of  journalists was a major blunder by ISIS because it is going to continue to rally the world against this insane terrorist organization. Yes, the videos will be used for recruiting purposes, but now everyone on the globe has seen how evil ISIS is.

All terrorists hoping to stay in the game for a while realize it is best to not keep too high of a profile. Even narcotics traffickers learn this basic business management principle while ascending up the corporate ladder. Let’s not forget after 9/11, Bin Laden ended up hiding under his bed confined to a walled off home in Pakistan. ISIS is quite frankly infuriating too many people in high places and even past supporters who gave cash to ISIS probably realize that they have created a Frankenstein. Further, now that ISIS has magically formed a new country or so called Caliphate and Baghdadi is its supreme ruler or Caliph there are domestic issues to attend to like operating a nation. Yes, sometimes running a country is a lot more difficult than taking over a country. Managing the entire kingdom is serious business and there will be less time driving around in pickup trucks all day screaming Jihad and violently massacring everyone in sight. Who is going to pay the taxes or at least press the palms with baksheesh to keep the generators going?  Baghdadi should have consulted with former United States President George W. Bush and his Cabinet on how difficult it is running nations like Iraq and Afghanistan. Invading Iraq has to go down as the greatest United States foreign policy failure in history. America never could get past first base on how to run places like Afghanistan and Iraq. The pick of the litter that came out of Afghanistan was President Karzai and an Afghanistan government that was more corrupt than the worse banana republic on earth. As for Iraq, former Prime Minister Maliki had managed to alienate most of the Sunni’s and Kurd’s in the country by keeping these groups isolated from power in the government and now Iraq is falling off a cliff into the deep dark abyss.

Where does ISIS go from here? My bet is that Baghdadi and his group of murdering cohorts including his western followers who speak impeccable English are nothing more than a flash in the pan. The world has taken notice.  ISIS will have its fifteen minutes of infamy or maybe a little longer and then the organization will fold like a cheap suit and be scattered across the sand dunes a smattering of its former self. ISIS believes that fear, intimidation and extreme ruthlessness will bend the world and especially other Muslims towards their warped view of Islam, but mankind is overwhelmingly good not evil and all the civilized people of the world totally reject the immorality of ISIS.


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