Start Of A New Series | The Millennial Male Advice Guide to Being a Man

This Edge of Humanity Magazine series is going to cover what it means to be a man. I know that many of you need instant gratification and may have been cuddled by your parents, and may even be over 25 and still living at home, but I will shine a new light, in no bullshit detail, what it takes to be your own man. I may piss you off, but if you read with an open mind; golden nuggets of wisdom will be excavated from my posts.

Some of the examples that will be covered:

How to pick a woman (marriage partner)

I have been with the same incredible lady for over 32 years.

How to respectfully and lovingly treat your woman

What to look for when dating, so that a woman will not turn you upside down and inside out

How to set principles in your life






Finding balance in life

Not being a petty person

Live a life without playing head games

How to analyze people so you do not get taken advantage of

The topic list will continue to grow until I run out of useful information.

I’m looking forward to you reading my non-conventional posts.


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