Life Coaching by Carioca Da Gema


Who is Carioca Da Gema?

My name is Joelcy Kay. I’m the editor and curator of Edge of Humanity Magazine.  ‘Carioca Da Gema’ is my pen name and I have recently launched ‘Edge of Humanity Magazine’s Life Coaching Series’ which is a collection of articles written by myself, covering aspects and issues of modern life.

The decision of becoming a ‘Life Coach’ evolved from my aptitude towards understanding the gaps that are left in our lives. In this series I deal with a wide range of issues, such as happiness, lack of time, self confidence, and the foods we eat to name a few.



About Carioca Da Gema

The information below, in addition to the articles I write for ‘The Life Coaching Series’ will give you a closer view of what to expect of my life coaching abilities.

My personal assets are: Assertiveness, fairness, productiveness, organization, enthusiasm, and excellent problem solving skills.

I cherish love, truth and family.

I find racism,  persecution of any kind, lies, and manipulation repugnant.

I enjoy simplicity and conversation about issues that matter.  Being in the moment comes easy to me; time at home, doing chores and cooking are very relaxing and I love my work.

I respect people who make a difference by dedicating their lives to others and sacrifices made in name of a greater good.

I’m an American, in my mid 50’s. I was born in Brazil. My husband (of over 30 years) and I live in a tiny seventy year old home surrounded by a tropical garden in Southeast Florida.

I sold mangoes at the age of five and have owned small businesses throughout my life.

I have done extensive independent travel before everyone in the world had a phone glued to their hands. I have been fortunate to meet people from diverse backgrounds, enjoy their cultures, and watch the differences between mine and their way of life.


Outline of my life coaching services

My approach is designed by your needs.  Nothing is preset.

I do not wish you to follow and accept my ways.  I will not tell you what to do or deliver your happiness on a silver platter.

Long lasting positive changes in behavior and perspective comes from the individual making alterations in their own life.  Other people’s advice leave open gaps that will widen over time bringing old issues back to the surface.

I will not make you dependent on me.  My approach is to find alternative options under a circumstance and open new doors into a resolution of old problems. Clear the docket so you can see things from other angles as you absorb other possibilities. In time, after you had conquered your needs, you will be able to replace what does not work, accept what you cannot change, and accomplish what you want.

I’m not a career coach.  My coaching will include aspects of your entire life as you can see in my articles for the Edge of Humanity Magazine ‘Life Coaching Series‘.

Our voices carry information not transferable via an email or text. Our communications will be live, via a phone.


Introductory Fees

My pricing is simple and I do not require a contract.  You can use my expertise for a project, a special occasion, life crisis, or make my coaching part of your network. Pay as you go or you can take advantage of a package discount (available after the first chat, so you know if we are a fit).


1)’5 Chats Pack’ for US$ 100 dollars, in which we will have preset chat appointments of 30 minutes each week for 5 weeks in the row.


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This package expires 6 weeks after purchased. Not to be used as needed!

The ‘5 Chat Pack’ is designed to keep you connected with the issues we are working on. I will contact you during the predetermined time. This pack provides a better option if you wish to avoid gaps in our relationship, as I will also be reaching out to you.


2)’1 Chat for 45 minutes’, ideal for our first chat, but you can select this option at any time (pay as you go). US$35


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3)’1 Chat for 30 minutes’ (pay as you go). US$25


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4)’1 Quick Question Chat’ (for clients on the package deal only).US$10


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The ‘Quick Question Chat ‘option is only available for clients on the package deal.  Sometimes you may like to know my opinion on a subject.  Likewise, you do not have to use up your weekly chat appointment.


New clients

Please send me an email summarizing the issues in question and when you wish to chat.  I will get back to you with confirmation so you can make your payment and receive my call.


Clients requesting an appointment

Please send me an email letting me know when you wish to chat.  I will get back to you with confirmation, so you can make your payment and receive my call.


Clients without a need for an appointment

Please purchase the service you need from this page.  I will call you upon receiving payment confirmation from PayPal.


Business hours

Noon to 10 PM (Eastern Standard Time) almost every day. However, if I’m up writing, during the wee hours of the night, I will answer you.


If you have a question or wish to hire me, feel free to contact me at Please use subject ‘Life Coaching’.


Thank you

Joelcy Kay

a.k.a. Carioca Da Gema

Life Coach For Edge of Humanity Magazine Life Coaching Series

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