My wife and I come from humble beginnings and it is almost impossible for us to throw anything out until it totally breaks. We recently had to buy a new washing machine after about ten years of use. For the last two years or so, we used a garden hose to fill up the washer because the pump was broke and it was not worth putting money into an old washer. Are we cheap? No, just frugal.



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6 Responses to “9,898”

  1. Marie

    Enjoyed the article …. so many people will identify with it!!
    Enjoy what’s left of your weekend. XXXMarie

  2. Edge of Humanity Magazine

    Congratulations to you and your husband. The only thing I have hold on for this long is my husband and we are coming into 34 years together. Here is a funny article I wrote a while ago talking about my household items made in America and the ones after the Chinese products flooded our market. https://edgeofhumanity.com/2017/10/12/chinese-products/
    The garden hose ordeal builds a lot of character. With my NEW washer I feel rich!!
    Have a good Sunday.

  3. Marie

    A tad off course here but we’ve literally just been having our now weekly conversation about our fridge freezer …. I want one of those big ‘American’ jobs… love them to bits… but I agreed to wait until our old one died…can’t kill the thing – Bought it January 1983 …. yep 38 years ago! Probably has a Z energy rating but otherwise its perfect… We’ve never been in the habit of changing things just for the sake of it either. Its a matter of priorities really …. my money goes on domestic emergencies only and then travel, travel, travel…. But fair play to you lasting 2 whole years with the garden hose – don’t think I’d have managed for that long!!!

  4. Silver

    This is something we should all strive for, as I find we live in a society which encourages wastefulness ><

  5. rebecca s revels

    You should see mine. The front is off due to the constant need for repairs and we can only run it with cold water and on the large cycle. But.. it works 😉

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