Abused Child


Written by  Joni Caggiano


do not presume to know me

my face a frowning moon

crevices of sadness besmear

a hoary soul who wonders here

wounds scab, heal and gaze

as an eyeless void, she paints

no peak can lug the weight

of a child begotten such a fate



Text ©  Joni Caggiano




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4 Responses to “Abused Child”

  1. jonicaggiano

    Thank you so much for the very kind and thoughtful comments about this piece. I am grateful for your reading me here on The Edge of Humanity and appreciate your taking time to comment, it means a lot to me. Joni

  2. janette

    A tortured child turned into an amazing, loving, thoughtful, talented human being. That is something God gave you my friend. I love you for being just you. You are a gift in my life.

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