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Water Pump Dambovita, Romania
Water Pump
Dambovita, Romania

The human civilization always leaves behind remains. Either this means some prehistoric tools once used by cavemen or nowadays’ mountains of garbage. We have been doing this for millenniums and all this time nature has patiently strived to cover our remains and immerse them into its surroundings.

Gas Pipeline Dambovita, Romania
Gas Pipeline
Dambovita, Romania

What we do is who we are. More than ever, our actions define us as individuals and as mankind. I went to do some in-advance-archeology in a rural area of Romania and I have found various remains. Not garbage illegally disposed by people in the surroundings of an inhabited area, but abandoned items of civilization.

Tire in the grass Dambovita, Romania
Tire in the grass
Dambovita, Romania

They were once complex machineries or pieces of buildings which supported our living conditions. Some people manufactured or built them, others used them according to their functions. These items became remains at the moment when they ceased to provide for us welfare and were replaced by superior versions of themselves.

Corroded wire covered by vegetation Dambovita, Romania
Corroded wire covered by vegetation
Dambovita, Romania

We care less about our civilization’s remains and often we dispose them regardless of the consequences on the environment. But over one thousand years  most of the metal, rubber and concrete remains will still be in the soil and some future archaeologists will uncover them searching to understand how we lived. What would they think of us?

Lonely Pillar Dambovita, Romania
Lonely Pillar
Dambovita, Romania

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