In the eBook ‘Peeling Off The Human Condition’, ‘The Hermit Poet’ explores the daily life we all see and endure as a society.
The poems and stories in this eBook expose acts we see daily, but don’t confront or talk about. Behavior that makes us humans, no doubt, but that also bring us to ask: “Where are we going from here?”
Life moves quicker than ever imagined. Many technological advancements decrease the human value. We kill each other for greed, religion and dysfunctional ideologies. Communication is done via screens controlled by media that convert us into piranhas. We continuously swallow down the venom. Artificial intelligence takes way our jobs, it enters our homes to watch, keep track and eventually destroy normal life.
In a time when we are told what to do and think “Peeling Off The Human Condition” is thought-provoking.

Foreword By Carioca Da Gema



Table of Contents

1 | Book Cover

2-8 | Featured Poems

9 | Credits

10-11 | Foreword

12-20 | Introductory Poems


21-34 | Life – The Daily Grind

35-41 | Life – The Games

42-49| Life – Bad Characters

50-54 | Life – Poverty

55-59 | Society

60-63 | Technology & Humans

64- 69| The Bad Dealers

70-83 | Stories

84-95 | The Hermit Poet (Poems & Bio)

96-97 | Miscellaneous



Peeling Off The Human Condition
The Hermit Poet
Published by Edge of Humanity Magazine
Poetry by ‘The Hermit Poet’
© 2019 Edge of Humanity LLC





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