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Edge of Humanity Magazine Contributors

Pietro Sorano
Massimo Lupidi
Dean Yeadon
Yukihito Ono
Jon Enoch
Chris Palmer
Marco Marcone
João Coelho


Nonsense By The Sea

“Women, Life Freedom”

Nelson González Leal
Philip Joyce
João Coelho
Sofia Conti

Après Soleil



Hibernation 2

 What If No-one Listens

Dato Koridze

Denying Waves


Roberta Valerio

Carlos Ramiro


Embers Of The Night

So Large Yet So Small


Lunar Return

Second Chance

Daniel Taveira
Jiri Hrebicek
Juan Rodríguez Morales
Marek Miś
Kristina Steiner

Like A King

If I Could

Chiara Felmini
Eva Chupíková
Patrice Picard
Philipp Meiners
Kerry Mansfield
Nicolo Vincenzo Malvestuto

On The Edge

What About Music?

Gianfranco Merati

Ultimate Art

The Sailor

Strawberries By Jonathan Moya Short Story Recommendation By Edge Of Humanity Magazine

Kiss The Earth Barefoot

Gerard Doolan
Candace Biggerstaff


Oranges By Athena Vasquez Short Story Recommendation By Edge Of Humanity Magazine

Dreams With A Side Of Regret

Bharat Patel
Uschi Groos
Antoine Mutin
Lou Fischer

Today’s Forecast

Peacefully Coexisting With The Intersectional Co-Regulative Balance Of Truth & Harmony

The Song Of The Wonderer

Alexandra Buxbaum
David Skernick and Brian Valente


Faith(h) Accompli

Rachel Portesi
Javier Lafuente

A Walk In The Park

Booze In The Glass

Anna Tihanyi
Javier Arcenillas

Dreaming Of Reunions

Next To Last Drink

Abhishek Singh

Ripples Of Aging

David Skernick

Weathering The Climate Of Change

Insanity Highway

Matteo Calanchi
Stefano Azario

Mrs. Reardon’s Garden By Michael Hager Short Story Recommendation By Edge Of Humanity Magazine


Amadeusz Świerk
Didier Vanderperre

On The Beach

White Porcelain

Gin Orgasm

Steff Gruber
Madhur Dhingra
Ymy Nigris
Frank Baudino
Paul Bielicky
Trevor Ray Hart

Hidden In The Everyday

In My Life Time

Eulogy For A Fighter


It Fits

This Too Shall Pass

Linda Hollinger
Ryan Bakerink

Looking At The Bird In The Cage


Marc Sheridan
Lisa Kereszi


Nicola Fioravanti
Holger Hoffmann and Sylvia Furrer

Don’t Look Back 

Jeremiah Gilbert
Antonio Mozeto

That Light In The Distance

The Sun In SightLost In The Desert

Isabelle I
Sonia Melnikova-Raich
Ewa Sho
Rodney Ee

We Live With A Monster A Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) Story

Clean Up In Aisle 2

The Unmitigated Tango

Mihail Minkov
Pierre Hauser


The Minding

A Bribe

Between Dreams And The Baggage (Nonsense)

Zuzana Pustaiová
Randall Romano
​Whitney Dafoe
Stig Marlon Weston

Where The Calm Lurks

Six Nanofictions

The Habit Of Falling : RAIN

A New Moon, New Adventures & Springing Into Life Like Taking A Bull By The Horns

Mark J Davidson
Laurie J. Blanksma
Nina Papiorek
Zemula Barr
Estêvão Lafuente
Regina Maria Anzenberger
 Sandra Herber
Sandra Herber

Exploring The Past Sights Of The Future

Failed Animal Welfare

Slamming Doors In Sober Living

Diana H Bloomfield
Tony Chirinos
Jonny Dub
Danielle L Goldstein

Note On The First Page

End Of The World


Fabricated Heroism

Gavin Rene Libotte
Victor Stepanow
Gary Cataldo AKA MU6X5BOL
Tonje Sivertsen
Vytenis Jankunas



Mildred Salas
Madhur Dhingra

These Are True Stories

Lock Box


Lorenzo Grifantini
Pierre Banoori
Fabiano Parisi
Brice Gelot

Evasive Reality

Short Notice



Alla Akantova
Shamil Khairov

A Louisiana Bayou

I See 


A Sestina For Their Drug Addict Father

Ellen Mitchell
Corine Bakker

Absorb Me

No More

Christine Back
Yu-Chen Chiu
Fritz Georg Mehner
João Coelho

Maybe A Dream, Seriously

Harvey Castro
Fran Forman


The Many Shrines Of Mama Cruz By Jonathan Moya Short Story Recommendation By Edge Of Humanity Magazine


I Am Not A Landfill

Time Has No Edges

Todd Bradley
Susan Reyman

Sunday’s Departures

Kiwanis Loop

Lisa Cassell-Arms
Monika K. Adler


Garage Wallpaper

Free For All

The Big Picture

Maureen J Haldeman
Timurtaş Onan
Sophie Campos
Catherine Roberts Leach

Grieve For The Shadows (Nonsense)

Your Side Of The Bed

Free From Sorrow | A Suicide Story

Otavalo | Ecuador’s Largest Indigenous Market

Donna Bassin
Debbie Scott-Queenin
Marc Apers
Fritz Georg Mehner
Alain Laboile
Neal Grundy

Bury Me


Forest Parable

João Coelho
Stephanie Lightbown

Infinite Loop


Stand With Me

Stand With Me


Infinite Loop

Victor Kataev
Oliver Stegmann
Robert Stefanski
Haeil Kwon
Thomas Oberniedermayr
Matty Karp

I Am Radiant

Survivor Anger

Mariano Belmar
Samir Belkaid

I’m Not OK

Matt Vacca
Christian Redermayer


Jakub Pasierkiewicz
Niklas Lindskog

Cruel Words

I’ll Be Fabulous

Kamila J Gruss
Murielle Etc

The Future

The Bystander By Julia Lyford-Sikoutris Short Story Recommendation By Edge Of Humanity Magazine


Sharon Tribelsky
Jens Winkler

A Tidy Little Life

A Room

Saurabh Sirohiya


Elli Asker


A Fortnight Of Aging

Get Well Soon


Transformation Within During The Process Of Letting Go Without Revisited

Junko Miyama


Ulrich Mannchen


David Bence


Delphine Margau


Luisa Montagna


Leonardo Reyes-Gonzalez


Sudipta Chakraborty


Jean-Paul Soujol


Opalescent Eyes


The Dance

X-ray Glasses

Nivedita Dutta


Massimo Barbagli


Always Hourglasses


Fazilat Soukhakian


Dean Marsh


Hugo Teixeira


Renato Just


First Contact

Mission Accomplished

Seven Dogs 


Lois Bielefeld


Karen Crouse


Anita Khemka/PHOTINK


Bruno Lavi


Cote Baeza


Tom Dyring


Nicolas St-Pierre


Ana Maria Prelipcean


Take Me To The River


New Year’s Meh

Katherine Young


Frank Diamond

A Winter Landscape

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