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Alex ten Napel


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Wolf-Dietrich Ademeit

Reportage côte Est du Groenland.

Florian Ledoux

Collage on paper

Krishna Pulkundwar

Trongsa Dzong Bhutan

David Zurick


Sara Macel


Ahndraya Parlato


Caroline Corinne Evans


Tara Sellios


Meredith Miller


Puspa Lohmeyer

Sofa and Tree

Sarah Malakoff

Betty's baking day

Lucy Saggers


Erika Morillo

Room 261012

Isabelle Pateer


Maren Klemp

Conveyer Funnel

Christos J Palios

Kumartuli The roar of the laborers as they dragged the heavy idols, the screeching of the rollers of the trolleys that carried it, the chants of the people who had come to take their Mother home, broke the deadly silence of that night.

Madhur Dhingra

Shenkin Street Tel Aviv, Israel

Sherrie Nickol


Michele Asselin


Gustavo Minas


Hester Brodie

Black Hole

Michel Rajkovic

Streets of Blood

Antonio Aragon Renuncio


Iuri Izrastzoff


Goran Bertok


Monika Merva

Saturday October 22, 2016 - Ryan Trask, with Durty Bull Brewing Company, in Durham, NC, pours a Sour Blonde Ale at the taproom in Durham, North Carolina.

Alex Boerne


Tammy Mercure


James Whitty


Nathan Pearce


Souleyman Messalti

Registered Landmark A tire shop that has closed since I photographed it.

Greg Brophy


Kamil Sleszynski

Walker & M.K. Richmond, Virginia

Gordon Stettinius


Sophie Gamand

Burnt lives A Sudanese refugee walks past the burnt out wreckage of his hut the morning after fires spread through the Jungle, Calais.

Edward Crawford

'Sorry to bother you’ I said interrupting these ladies during their field work, calmly one of them responded: 'Never mind, we do not have any plans to do this afternoon, tomorrow and more.'

Motonori Shimizu


Ian van Coller


Alexi Hobbs

Family Sitting Room

Harold Ross


Sophie Kirchner


Philip LePage

A child is scared of approaching foreigners

Dennis & Patrick Weinert

Shantel Allen's two-year-old daughter Samira Allen's blood lead levels test results came back at 33, which is remarkably above the CDCís 5 mg/d threshold for action. Allen said her whole family, including 5 young children, herself and her husband, have elevated lead levels. They plan to move to Las Vegas. ìThey show all the signs and symptoms of lead poisoning. They vomit randomly, have headaches,î she said.

Alyssa Schuka

Sam and Stuart

Lydia Panas


Natalie Dybisz @ Miss Aniela

On Holy Saturday after Daphne Ritual Father Jan is distributing holy communion to the congregation members. The communion has to be given very carefully to the member. If it drops, the priest drinks it himself by licking.

Aydin Cetinbostanoglu


Adam Panczuk

Maria & Simon

Susana De Dios


H Lee

Little Boy Praying with the Men The Islamic Society of Southeastern Idaho, Pocatello, ID 2015

Robert Gerhardt

Volunteer caretaker, Shana, at “Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary” (http://www.journeysendsanctuary.org) in Deland Florida, is depicted tenderly bathing a rescued dog that was paralyzed due to a blood born parasite. The dog was taken in as a puppy and cared for until recently passing away at about 12 years of age. The founder of Journey’s End, Florence Thout, converted her home in 1974 into a sanctuary dedicated to life-long care and shelter for dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep, and birds that have been abused, neglected or have special needs and medical conditions. 2014.

Jayanti Seiler

Truckers for Trump organizers Jim and Lorraine Morrison begin their cross-country trek in Chino, Calif., on Sunday, July 10, 2016. The husband and wife trucking team have always admired Donald Trump so when the New York real estate billionaire announced his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential Election, they took to Facebook and launched Truckers for Trump.

Bill Kotsatos


Cynthia Staple

Romana Grange

Hollie Crawshaw

Justice for All Rally & March Washington, DC (2014)

Monty Barham


Daniel Seth Krau


Rana Young


Martin Gros

The Red Tree 8(Rachael) from The Enchanted Forest

Garth Knight


Gaia Calcagni Merlin

Bedroom on the servant's floor Belgium

Ineke Kamps

VIAL Refugee Detention Center Chios - Greece | After the Taliban killed 8 of their family in Pakistan, they decided it was time to leave the country and head off to Europe. Highly educated as they are, they have been inside this container for around 9 months already. Their children haven't received any education for two years. They speak fluent English.

Joris van Gennip


Michal Fanta

Polar bear with cubs Baffin Island, Canada

Laurent Baheux


Angeles Rodenas


Charlie Simokaitis

Ingebjorg and the fat puppy Longyearben, Svalbard

Lottie Davies

The Essence (Dark fantastic and surreal portrait of a reincarnated saint who cries blood)

Haengelik Svart


Cig Harvey

Lola's Kitchen

Stella Kalaw

“That one missed step put me on the streets.”

Bootsy Holler

Kings of the Road main street Sturgis. Coming from across the country they meet here each year at the Rally.

Carlan Tapp


Andrea Camuto

Migrant Sugar Cane Project

David Goldman

Rocked Water Corridor with Crescent

Dr. Akira Takaue

Girl Scouts

Tom M Johnson

Mexican Folklore

Fredo de Luna


Amira Issmail


Mara Dani

Alto Vidigal Favela Vidigal

Albertina d’Urso

Matzo breaking on the first floor

Joseph O Holmes


Katrina D’Autremon


Mustafa Dedeoglu

San Juan del Rio Coco, Nicaragua, 1984

Bud Glick

Handful of rings Blackpool

Ian @ Krishudds

"The Lovers" Mixed Media: Digital Painting, Photomontage, Acrylic

Liz Huston


Dean Saffron


Kerry Mansfield


Nathalie Daoust

Gold Teeth

Laurisa Galvan


Jennifer Georgescu

Families can walk for more than a week through the bush with little food or water in order to escape the violence and cross into Uganda.

Sumy Sadurni

 Castellers de Vilafranca prepare the base of their next human tower during the XXV Concurs de Castells in Tarragona,

David Oliete

Chicken farm Cap-Haitien, Haiti

David Katzenstein

Young protester following a anti blasphemy demonstration. Hundreds of Muslims went to the Mayor's office in Malang, East Java. Indonesia 2016

Chris Tuarissa

Alyssa, Courtney, Josh, Colten, Remington 12 Gauge

Daniel George

Backpackers at work on a baby-leaf salad field Gippsland, VIC, Australia.

Gabriele Duchi

Voigtlander New York City

Kawan Best


Alexander Veledzimovich

Birgu, Malta

Kerstin Arnemann

A young girl washes her hands after helping her mother make clay pots to sell at the local market Rural Cambodia

Amy Sinead

Pellegrini Piazza San Pietro, Roma

Marcello Ceraulo

Moon Walker

Ann George


Raffaele Montepaone


Jeremiah Gilbert

Saira was attacked with acid by her fiance after refusing to move in with him before the wedding.

Izabella Demavlys

Charlotta's Baby Obukhovo

Joakim Eskildsen

Elephants are not the only commodity being traded. This year has also seen a rise in the illegal sale of rhinos and tigers. This is just one of 16 tigers cubs seized on Friday (26 Oct).

James Morgan


Alice Mann

INNER MONGOLIA - 2010/2011

Thomas Alleman

Dexter and Doe Somerville, NJ

JP Terlizzi


Zhu Lan Qing


Matthieu Gafsou

You choose the path. School or prison?

Theo Gould

As her mobility declines Mum stays in her room more and more. Her windowsill becomes a substitute for the garden.

Celine Marchbank

Cigarette Lady Vera Cruz

Jane Fulton Alt

Raul Mora Avalos - is a Hook Tender on a high lead logging operation. His answer to my question, ‘What do you like most about working in the woods?’ was “When I get home and my little girl runs and jumps into my arms and says, ‘Hello sweet daddy’.” Near Fort Bragg, California, 2004

David Paul Bayles


Yann Theveniaud

City of London (Cheapside is the street)

Max Barstow


Kevin Grass

Tuareg camel rider

Terri Gold

The Lip Gloucester Rd

James Koch


Mei Xian Qiu


James Wigger

Greensboro North Carolina

David Nikias

Ranger with Tusks of Killed Elephant

Nick Brandt

Mariam Sagar: "I don't have any dreams at all! We lost everything and I don't have any hopes left in my life. I cannot study, our house is totally destroyed, my brothers and sisters are hungry, my dad is sick and the only thing I am waiting for is the end."

Fernando Vacaflores


Turjoy Chowdhury

Linda, originally from Trinidad, is a single mother of a seven-year old daughter and the main carer of her elderly mother. She has been waiting several years for the Home Office to decide if she can remain permanently in the UK. Until November 2014 she was living in a small flat that she rented from an uncle. But, out of the blue, she received a notice of eviction. Her confused residency situation meant that she was not eligible for housing assistance.

Cinzia D’Ambrosi

Dennis Hof, Owner of Four Brothels Bunny Ranch, Carson City

Marc McAndrews


Simone Lueck

Indiana, PA

Michael Donnor

Dead Johnson County, Kentucky

Gloria Feinstein

Siberian Railroad

Victoria Crayhon

Forgive Me

Rachael Banks

A Texas NoBody Texas State Fair

Christopher Chadbourne

Seko, Sleeps amongst gifts and supplies on route to Malawi,Wineloop Flats

Marc Shoul

Anastasia milking cow

John Darwell

Valentin Braun Zürich, Switzerland

Joachim Manuel Riederer

Traditional Farm kitchen Puno Region, Peru

Andrea Carroll


Agustin Ciarfaglia


Manuel Armenis


Gabriele Viertel


Kisa Kavass


Sayaka Maruyama

Eyes that want to glow, lives that want to spread wings Mumbai, India

Debmalya Ray Choudhuri


Andrea Carboni


Taro Karibe

Roland 19 years old -alias Lady Gaga

Michelle Sank


Kari Wehrs

Big Jack Johnson Memphis, Tennessee

David Katzenstein

Elephant Girl Philadelphia 1965

George Krause

Francesco Mastalia

Gas Chamber With Two Chairs, Missouri State Penitentiary, 2012

Lee Saloutos


Jessica Arneback

Los Agapantos Pork Products Norberto has been butchering all his life. Besides the actual slaughtered animal, he also produces sausage, chorizo, and liverwurst that he sells locally. The day I was taking the photo, he had three guys helping him with the killing and gutting of eight piglets and a large boar. They were very disorganized and one of the piglets managed to jump from the truck they were being kept in and ran away. By the time I left, they were still looking for him. San Jorge, Buenos Aires Province 2014

Guillermo Srodek-Hart


Daniele Brescia

Oliver Mac . Dick Mac’s Pub, Dingle Co Kerry, Ireland

Kelvin Hudson

Dark subway escalator in Prague

Jan Sears

Wedding Accrington

Kostek Poland

Montpellier, France

Yuri Rasin


Cornelia Hediger

Les Visages et la Main

Thomas Devaux


Roger Ballen

Spring Movement

Neil Broadway


Varial Cedric Houin



Plaza Constitución & The Daily Physical Effects Of Argentina’s  Economy



Theo Gould

Bed, 2009

Lynne Bowman Cravens

Music therapy projects run by Warchild in Mostar, Bosnia.

Keith Brame

Morning View

Liam Arthur

With The Pack

Tom Chambers


Brian Finke

Lionel Greenaway Polyester Polishing

Christopher Payne/Benrubi Gallery

North India

Noela Roibas

Mitch Having Breakfast Long Beach Island, NJ

Lauren Grabelle


Emma Powell

Milk and Honey

Kristen Hatgi Sink


Mushfiqul Alam

Hand Ayurvedic Medical Center, Neyyar Dam, Kerala

Flora Hastings

Raymundo Ávila, 8, cries after not being allowed to follow a group of visitors that left the orphanage. Raymundo often has to be distracted when visitors leave to keep him from becoming upset

Eric Kayne

“We all have to share the sea” Sean Dennison,

Joanne Coates


Dina Oganova

Nabi-Saleh Argument: A heated argument erupted at the regular protest in Nabi-Saleh, West Bank. The Israeli soldier demanded the protester leave the area and became aggressive when told “he would not leave”.

Edward Crawford


Ellen Rosenberg

This area was full of thriving shops, arcades and cafes.

Dawn Mander


Andrea Boscardin

Duplin County

David Simonton

A young boy in a small village heavily affected by the AIDS virus near Mambone, Mozambique. (2005)

Andy Clark

Slaughterhouse elegy

Tamas Schild

La Revanche dans les Latrines

Diogo Duarte

Sippy Cup

Polly Gaillard

Board Meeting Koley Market

Ritesh Ghosh

Rounded Bergy Bit Antarctic Peninsula February 2010

Camille Seaman

Misha is a man who signed a two-year contract with no holidays, far away from his family, because there had been no work available at home for years, and because his daughter had recently become ill and needed expensive medical care. Pyramiden, Spitsbergen

Ville Lenkkeri

Fulani women pounding millet. Road between Mopti & Timbuktu

Maynard Switzer


Miguel Lattanzi

Brazilian fans photographing during departure of Germany's World Cup 2006 Dortmund, Germany

Andre Feltes

De Zwarte Zwaan 1979

Peter de Ru

Elvis Rings

Dan Wood

A Photograph of the Crab Nebula Eaten by Bacteria Found on a Restaurant Table

Marcus DeSieno


Yoshinori Mizutani

Tidal Plain 009

J.Mark Griffith

Le Bestiaire magnifique

Fabrice Picard


Udell Jimenez

Bubble gum Hattiesburg

Betty Press

American flag in garage, 2002

Lisa Kereszi

Spaniel with Pheasant

Shelley Calton

Eglise Saint Sepulcre Jerusalem

Didier Bizet

Combines and oil wells Ellsworth County

Larry Schwarm


Akkara Naktamna


Solal Israel

Protest march Morelia

David Katzenstein

Schlosstheater, Ludwigsburg, 2015 ... a view, I seldom take, but in this case because of the original painted background panels, which they change every year.

Klaus Frahm

MIramar Beach

Mark Indig

The Velvet TeU

Yoichi Nagata

Paradisus: (paradise), where the chicks are, maybe going (?)

Roberto Greco

The Embrace Pastel, acrylic, oil, & antique wall paper on canvas

Caitlin Karolczak


Carlos Escolastico

Couple Dancing Grooves Bar Shanghai

Bertien van Manen

Yedigoller, Turkey

Doruk Sikman

Seventeen-year-old Chloe was talking with friends on the street when a stray bullet hit her in the head. Kansas City, Missouri, 2013

Kathy Shorr

Shahinoor & Nipa, 2013 - ‘I am a woman and I love another woman. I want to live with my lover. I don’t want anyone to come between us. We don’t want anyone among us to commit suicide, to get hurt, to become addicted to drugs, to cut themselves. Let us live the way we want to. Now is the time to open up and talk about it’

Gazi Nafis Ahmed

21st Century problem. A young Brokpa boy hangs out of the window for better mobile phone reception.

AJ Heath

4101 - Gordon Erb - Tandem Mill Operating Tech, Arcelor Mittal Steel - Cleveland, Ohio

Carl Corey

Mrs. Im, 2015

Soohyun Kim

Some women carry their babies in strollers and others in their arms.

Francisco Alcala Torreslanda

A former worker from the mine chemical facility in her home in Rosia Montana

Vesselina Nikolaeva

Nina with her children and their grandfather Grahamstown, South Africa, 2013

Katharine Cooper

Abandoned seaside hotel with Sea turle shells Mtwara, Tanzania, 1994

Obie Oberholzer

Juego De La Vida

Patrick Ems

São Paulo, Brazil- February 7, 2016: A female Brazilian samba dancer called a "Muse" is performing in costume for the samba school Mocidade Alegre at the Amhembi Sambadrome in Sao Paulo.

Samy St Clair


Marcel Wennink

The Mouthful Bahia Magdalena, Mexico

Simone Caprodossi


Colette Stevenson

Ashimoto series

Cesar Ordonez

In the End Still Behind Wire

Jon Kral


Dina Oganova

Attie De Vos Booysens, Pretoria “Ek het geval [I have fallen].” After completing his national service, De Vos was employed on the railways as a boilermaker, eventually securing himself a permanent job with the Pretoria City Council. “I even bought my own house.” Then, when employment equity was introduced, he says he was forced into voluntary retrenchment. “I lost my house, and then my [previous] marriage was gone. I started selling vegetables off my bakkie to survive.” He has since lost the bakkie as he fell further. Now De Vos works as a smous (hawker), making firelighters of his own invention — a secret formula of petrol, styrofoam and plastic that even burns in water — which he sells for R20 a bottle, working seven days a week. His skin is baked to copper from his time on the road. “Living in the tent, every time I come from work, it’s like I’m on holiday,” he laughs. But he doesn’t make enough to properly feed his family.

Dean Hutton


Carlo Gianferro

In the 1980s the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) was upending the daily life of rural Peru. I was on assignment in the Cusco region during this period, sent with a group to document valuable artwork in remote convents and monasteries to prevent theft. Even though the Urubamba valley was stable there were often military gatherings in the main square of Cusco to put on a show of strength. The scene depicted here is enhanced by the presence of the hat in the center, which strengthens the composition while at the same time juxtaposing the local inhabitant with the often-ineffectual government forces. One wonders what this man was thinking at the time – who was friend and who was foe.

David Katzenstein

Gossiping with the Neighbors

Emily Matyas


Jenny Boot


Tahmineh Monzavi

Angela and friend pour Coca Cola

Janet Delaney

Martha Stewart She Was Not (for underneath her smile was a woman cracking under the pressure of domestication)

Heather Evans Smith

The New Pitch Card

Leslie Brown


Markku Lahdesmaki

giovanni_presutti_anomalia_extinta_02 1

Giovanni Presutti


Jeffrey Milstein

Betty Kilbrigh, 38 years old, Austin, Texas She joined the military in 1989. Betty specializes in military transport; she drove jeeps, trailer trucks, trucks and heavy equipment transporters. She was deployed in a base on Saudi Arabia closed to the Iranian border, where she was raped. She says: Sexual harassment is a constant practice, if they didn’t respect us at the base, how could they respect us and protect us in the battle field?

Gabriele Galimberti

Prostitution exchange for a dose of heroin is normal in the park.

Luca Aimi

After Dinner They are lodged in a single-room tent. They no longer have a kitchen or a dishwasher. After dinner they do the dishes in front of the tent. These are the last tasks of the day at a refugee camp. A little girl keeps her mother company as she does the dishes. Besiri Refugee Camp, 05.Dec.2014

Aydin Cetinbostanoglu


Andre Penteado

Log piles Block 0582 Ghost Valley July 2015

Olivier Du Tre

Bright Lights and the disappointed face

Ritam Talukdar

Istanbul EOH (c) C. Lessire 7

Caroline Lessire


Katharina Fitz

Happy Bride

Mick Yates


Julie Hrudova


Liora Naiman


Marc Gruninger

Green Beads Teenage girls are often forced into prostitution which is legal.

Theo Anderson

Men dig the holes to plant tobacco near Zomba. They start work before sunrise to avoid the heat. Malawi’s economy is heavily dependent on the demand for tobacco. Burley leaf tobacco is responsible for over 70% of Malawi’s foreign earnings.

Ian McNaught Davis

Eritrean Community

Guido Caltabiano

 Jamal age 20, he came from Morocco in 2008. .

Sander de Wilde

Alex scavenges a buffalo hide.

Matt Hamon

The separation wall between Jerusalem and 'Shoafat' Refugee Camp.

Yaniv Nadav


Hiroshi Watanabe


Jessica McDermott

Havana, Cuba

Sean Carnehan


Gabriel d’Alincourt

He's Got the Look Spinningfields, Manchester

Keith Vaughton


Eva Clifford

Doorway Saltburn by the Sea, England

Paul Carmody

Old book on the floor of abandoned building, Athens, Greece.

Andreas Kamoutsis

An Heavenly Palace

Matteo Fabi

Kennedy Lake British Columbia, Canada

Zak van Biljon

Syrian girl holding her younger sibling.

Szymon Barylski

The Circumciser 'Mohel'

Dror Garti

Polio victims Naja Atu Yusif (L) and Adamu Yusif (R), in the courtyard of their primary school in Kano. While Naja can limp, Adamu can't walk and has to use a tricycle to move around. Kano, Nigeria

Tadej Znidarcic


Akis Detsis

Remembering her childhood She was 16 years old on the day of her wedding. In her new house she hugged the little bridesmaids and cried. Maybe she thought of herself as a child like in a near past. Tekirdag - 2007

Aydin Cetinbostanoglu

Bingjie Huang, a Cantonese opera actor. He began to learn Cantonese opera when he was young. Bingjie hopes that his grandson could inherit his cause.

Wenjun Chen and Yanmei Jiang


Iacopo Pasqui


Anne-Sophie Guillet


Mitja Kobal

Muse Belle Isle, Detroit

Chemical Lens

Migration 8

Craig Becker

Row of Dancers Guantanamo

Lynne Buchanan

Train Station Calgary, Canada

Danny Miller

 Plaza Paja Madrid. Spain

Jim Henderson

Diptych Chittagong, Bangladesh 2000

Edward Burtynsky

Ultrasound Maternity Ward, Kanombe Hospital, Kigali, Rwanda

Julia Gunther

Centro de Orientación Femenino, Obrajes , Bolivia

Hannah Kozak


Debiprasad Mukherjee

Reindeer Race Bayandalai Ganbat (11) rides his father’s reindeer.

Madoka Ikegami

Wrong Number

Sean Dana

Waterside Restaurant

Geoff Tynan


Anastasia Bogomolova

Locke, Sacramento, CA, USA

Jeremiah Gilbert


Andy Mellor

Solonetu Nou

Jacek Konieczny

The Watcher A surfer, done for the day, sits with his surfboard on a wall outside Walls beach in Waikiki and surveys the happenings around him. Waikiki Beach, HI

Diana Nicholette

Palm Harbor

Marta Kochanek

Escape myself

Yiannis Yiasaris

A group of Cowhunters on search of Hairy Dick Bulls, a term for the wild cows in the bush that are related to the cows that Ponce De Leon brought from Spain in 1521.

Jon Kral

I receive a tutorial on cooking, shooting and the benefits of taking advantage of The Needle Exchange, located a few blocks away... Genevine is honest about her addiction, and thanks God each time before she injects.

Suzanne Stein

A controlled burn of a crop field in the Polish town of Brzezinka, in view of the extermination camp Auschwitz II - Birkenau.

Danny Ghitis


Nick St.Oegger


Cassandra Klos

Painted Suri Girl Kibish

Trevor Cole


Lindsey Brunsman


Guillaume Hebert

Smoking Penn Station

Michael Kowalczyk

Mother and Child Living with the effects of Leprosy, a mother begs for money while her child plays. Chennai, India

David Covarrubia

 Kanazawa 1 Kanazawa, Japan

Chantal Le Brun

The Night City III

Neil Hemsley

Chasing The Extreme Barrika, Spain

Patrick Ems

House Hunter

Michael Jantzen

Son of a War veteran, Doduc Duyen (Born in 1997) has eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, and a body he cannot control. He was born with a face‐sized tumor on his head and had it surgically removed when he was 18 months old with the financial aid of the Taiwanese NGO. The tumor is growing back again, but this time is accompanied with severe paralysis and epilepsy symptoms. His only hope in life is his mother’s unconditional motherly love. The War brought destruction on generations after generations for mankind. The mother’s love for her child is the only defense for this mother and son. (Dec. 8, 2012)

Youngho Kang

‘Once lived in’. An abandoned croft at Balnreich, Perthshire, Scottish Highlands, that was formed part of a small township (village). Now devoid of people following the Highland Clearances.

Rob Clamp

London Bridge Underground

ELLK Photography

Strong woman face Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Tarang Jagannath

Bethlehem ,Rachel Tomb Enclave 2009

Pavel Wolberg

Around Canción del Olvido, Madrid, Spain


Rosemary, Radish, Veronica's Father, Veronica's Mother, Banana Muffin, The men from the oil fields in Alaska.

Tanya Houghton

TANZANIA Rain This was taken in Tanzania. I was working with WaterAid shooting stories about water and sanitation. We arrive at a village that was about to sign an agreement that would start the process to get help. The chief and all the village were crammed into this building but something was wrong and the chief would not sign. So as not to influence the situation I and my WA contact went and sat in the car. That's when the skies let rip. As with most of the places we went to westerners were a rare sight so the children were curious. This was a fleeting second but it was ours. No agreement was reached that day. I really hope it has since.

Alex Macro

gillmar villamil

Gillmar Said Villamil


Gianluca Micheletti


Marianna Cardenio


Alex Schneideman

Pàtric Marín

Patric Marin

A heroin-addicted homeless woman takes off the tourniquet with the needle still in her arm in a public injecting site in Bradford. The floor is littered with needles, syringes and other injecting paraphernalia.

John Bolloten

Purulia Hospital, Purulia, India, Aug 2014

Hassan Nezamian

North Zone of The Jungle, Calais, France, March 2016 In order to survive in the Jungle men has set up various kinds of trade. Groceries, hairdressers, coffee shops, restaurants are found there. These refugees initiative gave rise to a black economy within the Jungle. Sikandar Zamaan is Pakistani. He runs his grocery where calling cards, packets of tobacco for 2 Euros, and a wide range of soda are for sell.

Mahé Aguera

‘ Night streets of Gazipur’ A female garment worker walks home alone. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Stephanie Simcox

Robert Johnson House, Franklin, New York.

Dana Matthews

Evening prayer (Aarti) at bank of river Shipra Evening prayer generate calm spiritual environment.

Tarang Jagannath

BackLit Calgary

Funeh Aliu

Tokyo Metro passengers make their way through the crowds to catch their train at the Shinjuku-Sanchome station. Tokyo

Amanda Cowan


Wojtek Kogut

Mother and Son A Gypsy balloon seller family Sitges, Spain 1994

Lluis Ripoll

Rainy Nights in Downtown Sacramento California

Henry Huynh

Scarlet Macaw feather

Chris Maynard

Assimilation Wheatland County, Alberta, Canada

Kris Schofield


Carolyn Meltzer

I have been trained to give sexual services to handicapped people by the association Sexualité et Handicap. I think this is really important work. If you are paralysed you can’t even masturbate. Sometimes handicapped clients are brought here by their families – Angelina

Ana Pollard

Hajara Mukyala’s with two children of her children. Hajara is a sex worker and violence survivor. She was raped when she was 14 and became pregnant and was infected by HIV from the rape. She had no choice but turn to prostitution to give her children an education. Hajara suffered horrific violence from her customers. She joined Tusitukirewamu Women’s Group in Bwaise to help other women.

Claudia Janke

"Sugar Daddy” and young girlfriend Lilongwe, Malawi

Mick Yates

I have been trained to give sexual services to handicapped people by the association Sexualité et Handicap. I think this is really important work. If you are paralysed you can’t even masturbate. Sometimes handicapped clients are brought here by their families – Angelina

Ana Pollard


Katerina Belkina


Rebecca L Webb

Odisha, India

David Katzenstein


Chrystel Mukeba

Olivia wins the 12 year section at Junior Nationals and is overcome with emotion as she takes her place on the podium.

Lyndal Irons

African elephant with female human body painted with the elephants markings.

Lennette Newell

Lady Child Village in West Senegal (region of Podor)

Adrien Tache

Barber Preparing a client for a road side haircut. Jodhpur

Chris Moret

The City

Claudio Gomboli

Beijing, China

Alejandro Cupi


Gary Austin

Marlow, New Hampshire, USA

David Nikias

Abstract Colors II Acrylic on canvas

Michael Lonfeldt

Tuesday morning in the rain Granville Street Vancouver, Canada

Sharon Wish

Varanasi, Rajasthan, India. Brahmin monks welcome the rising sun every day of the year with a series of prayers and rituals on the Ghats. Most of which include the burning of incense and waving of fire in ceremonial brass pots.

Peter Holton

Pinhole photo on film - Radio Kootwijk, Holland

Ben Mossing Holsteijn

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Andreas Brandau

Eye for an eye London

Joe Atwere

Self-portrait Paris

Nelson Gedalof

The Look, Barcelona Subway

Lluis Ripoll

Two men walk past each other under a construction zone.

Radu Diaconu

Love in the Face of… Bellingham

Brian Kennemer

Havana, Cuba

Patrick Donald


Wim van Ophen

Sahra, Somalia refugee living in Munich

Inés Dümig

Krishna Widows Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India

David Katzenstein

Luxulyan, Cornwall, England

Lulu Ash

A girl sits by a candy floss machine in Kok-Tobe Amusement Park.

Tom Law


Amira Issmail

Street vendor reading newspaper Istanbul.

Stuart Paton


Carol Julien

Alameda Carlyle Lake Park, Carlyle IL

Ellen Jantzen

Joyriders (Oil & Gold On Canvas)

Trevor J Brown