Photographic Artist  Jason McGroarty is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this conceptual photography.  From his project ‘Cat Couture’.  To see Jason’s body of work click on any image.


Jedi Cat
Not one to ignore the popularity of the Star Wars franchise, Jason was brought up on a diet of Star Wars movies. This is his homage to the phenomon which kept him transfixed to the screen as a child


Ice Queen
Easily one of the most popular Cat Couture images, this snow goddess is spectacular.


Count Catula
One of Hummus’ first photoshoots, Count Catula represents much of the 7 deadly sins. The rich fine fabrics and grotesquely opulent jewellery show a darker shade to the normally loveable feline.


Viktor & Rolf Cat
Drama and intensity brings this photo to life as another handmade headpiece was created specifically to compliment Viktor & Rolf’s boundary-pushing reputation.


Moggy Mondrian
Draped in silk, the celebrity of Mondrian’s Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow is not lost in this busy image


Audrey Catburn
Inspired by Audrey Hepburn through her association with the Givenchy fashion house. This haute couture look was hand made by Jason using old materials and self taught sewing skills


Vivienne Westwood Cat
One of the first Cat Couture images ever captured. It was clear from the projects’ conception that Hummus loved the lens. Inspired by the rebellious Vivienne Westwood.


Prom Queen
Ruffles, Velour, Shoulder Pads; the 1980’s was king of the prom dresses and Hummus is in her element in this over the top fashion that would no doubt have her crowned Prom Queen.


Frida Catlo
One of Hummus’ best known and most popular looks. Frida Kahlo’s spirit lives on through this wonderful image.