Fine Art Photographer Barbara Mensch is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this industrial photography.  From the ‘structures in space’ series.  To see Barbara’s body of work, click on any image.


Colgate Clock
New Jersey 2005


Three Mile Island


Parachute Jump
Coney Island 1997


Abandoned Factory
New Jersey circa 1984


This series of images reflect a longtime fascination with man-made landscapes referred to in my portfolio as “structures in space”.

The subjects include aging power plants, once indispensable but now antiquated water storage tanks, abandoned factories that have been victims of outsourcing, theme park venues replaced by commercial development (or earmarked for the wrecking ball), and solar energy windmills from the remote farmlands of central Germany.

As individual photographs, they can also function as metaphors for a myriad of human experiences including a sense of abandonment and isolation.


East River Gulls
NYC 2010


Randalls Island
N.Y. 2008


The Thunderbolt
Coney Island 1997


Solar Mills Thuringen
Germany 2014


Cherry Hill Water Tank
New Jersey 1983


All images and text © Barbara Mensch



In The Shadow of Genius

Book By Barbara Mensch



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