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Now more than ever, we are experiencing such a strong time dilation.

Quarantine is difficult, but facts, places and characters of this story have helped me to reflect.

I produced the first chapter of the CoVid 19 trilogy following one of the most divisive debates in this pandemic: How the coronavirus travels through the air?

Suddenly, daily mundanities seem to demand a military strategy, forcing us to over think things they never used to think about at all.

Can you go outside? What if you’re walking downwind of another person? Is it irrational to hold your breath?

Everything seems to be contaminated. Personal Protection Equipment, have become unobtainable luxury objects and so, viral tutorials on the self-production of PPE are spread on the network without considering that they have precise methods of use and disposal.

WHO has released some good instructional videos about using PPE and on correct individual behavior. Moreover, the same quarantine, in its simplest form, is the creation of a hygienic border between two or more things, in order to protect both. In this spatial containment strategy, the work follows and conceptualizes some WHO tutorials on the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment.







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