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Primordial Geometric Space Play
Acrylic and gouache on yupo. 23in x 35in. 2016


Acrylic and gouache on tyvek. 40in x 60in. 2019


Cosmological Formations, series VI, IX.
Acrylic and gouache on yupo. 23in x 35in. 2016


Poetics of a Hidden Geometric Plane XXII,
Acrylic spray paint and gouache on yupo. 23in x 23in. 2016


Cosmological Formations, series VI, VIII.
Acrylic and gouache on yupo. 23in x 35in. 2016


Artist Statement

My work is based in eco-geometric abstraction exploring themes of place, poetics and experience. Abstraction for me is a tool to synthesize my daily experiences into visual renderings of relationships of color and form as I explore simultaneously my inner landscape in relation to my exterior one. I look for ways to evoke the world around me in purely sensorial ways with no direct translation of these forms, from the movement of the wind across a field to the feeling of the meandering path across a hillside.

These sensations feel familiar yet unknowable as they rest edge to edge in jarring closeness and connection. My visual vocabulary is filled with juxtapositions of disparate color relationships, basic, primal forms such as hexagons, squares and circles, repeating optical motifs, and repetitive linear mark making that acts as a metronome capturing the passing of time.

My current paintings begin from a nature/meditative practice in which the wonder of the everyday comes in the noticing- noticing the small incremental changes of a place over time, through the seasons and letting myself fall open and absorb them. The paintings then become a reflection of these states of mind. When I move through a landscape I want to absorb through this lens, capturing visual fragments, sounds, qualities of light, but not in a hope to translate them or re-present them, I want to absorb them, assimilate, steep in and synthesize, filtering through me and to come back out into my paintings on an unconscious level. I am constantly trying to walk a fine line between an intuitive painting process and that of selective decision-making. Never trying to force a form or idea of what I “think” should be there, but what is asking to come next.


Terrestrial Expansions I.
Acrylic and gouache on yupo. 25in x 38in. 2020


Primordial Geometric Space Play.
Acrylic and gouache on yupo. 23in x 35in. 2016


Cosmological Formations, series VIII, I.
Acrylic and gouache on yupo. 23in x 35in. 2016


All images and text © Kim Carlino



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