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Since our first post on August 2014, we have continuously added content with the aim to inform and/or entertain our readers.  We have published over 6,000 posts and promoted thousands of talented creators (artists, photographers and authors).

Our diverse content can be enjoyed by an audience of any age as we navigate between a massive photography gallery with almost 30,000 images and the multiple facets of human condition.

Edge of Humanity Magazine is about peeling off the layers of our lives without boundaries, our differences & similarities, the subjects we love, hate, avoid, and want to forget. It is about the power of the few, the humanity of the many, and the things we do not know.

We see no color, God, gender, and/or places, as we believe that instead of focusing on one nice warm place with like minded people; we rather expose our readers to everything and allow them to like or hate what we publish, but in the meantime, there is knowledge flowing.

Thank you & stay tuned, we are just getting started!



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Edge of Humanity Magazine is an independent nondiscriminatory platform that has no religious, political, financial, or social affiliations.

We are committed to publishing the human condition, the raw diverse global entanglement, with total impartiality.


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