‘Events That Shaped Our Society’


The changes on how we communicate (person to person) in the last centuries.


Written communication

1775 | Benjamin Franklin was appointed our first Postmaster General.

1970 | Express Mail began.

1980s | The fax machine, an invention dated back from 1843, became available for the public (mainly businesses).  The cost of these technological wonders reached US$20,000 on the high end, while the basic model cost was under US$3,000. I remember paying US$400,00 for mine in the 90s.

1996 | Free email from Hotmail made communication via the internet mainstream.

2020 | daily email traffic reached over 300 billion.


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This series aims to visit chapters of our collective history.

As we navigate our lives at the speed of light, one may ponder about the efficacy of history as man’s supreme teacher.

With all the new pieces added to the game of life in the last decade(s); can we still trust the mechanics of past events to give the same results as we experienced in earlier days of our civilization?



‘Events That Shaped Our Society’




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