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Does the Artist create a Unique Language?

Written By Photographer Sandeep Biswas 


There is no expression without a language. The definition of the language and its uniqueness in the world of visuals can vary between the artists and and their ongoing process.

If the artist does not create their own unique language then they are not artists. They are at best practitioners of their respective art practices.  For a true artist is an innovator who thinks out of the box and creates a visual language which is singular and unique” – Dr Alka Pande ( Art Historian, Curator and Author )
Paolo Avanzi
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After a lot of speculation I feel that language has a tremendous capacity to control the mind. Even an artist is a controller of their own personal perspective and expression. Art like any other expression is also based on the fundamentals of the artist’s human nature.

Artists consciously and subconsciously are constantly dealing with their emotions at every possible level, which are derived from their cultural and social backgrounds as well as their past and present circumstances. These emotions traverse through their actions of making art, trying to reach out and speak to the world around them.

"Formulating an artistic lexicon is a complex process that involves both conscious and subconscious, internal and external stimuli and when an artist brings a unique experience and expression to their work it is a serendipitous combination of all these factors. I do believe that when that happens it is a wonderful 'eureka' moment." – Georgina Maddox ( Art critic and Curator )

Every movement in the process of the evolution of art, right from the first line that was drawn has also been responsible towards a further evolution of certain individualistic languages. This process of communication has become an introspection for their critics to decipher its purpose for centuries.

“I think artists revisit an event / experience and rearrange things the way in which they perceive them to be. In my opinion, this process of reinterpretation makes things unique”. – Susanta Mandal ( Artist )
Drager Meurtant
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Somewhere it seems that even the use of material in art involves a language. This can make an artist’s making process and conceptual thinking to take a desired shape. The concept and the action becomes an enactment of the performance which defines into a meaning. Therefore the language, the methodology of practice and its context keeps changing over time continuously replacing the modern with the contemporary. This continuous evolution over centuries has brought in a constant search for a present-day meaning and a deeper critical thinking, unendingly engaging the mind with a more unique and a powerful way to enrich the expression even centuries after a work of art was created.

In the world where vision created identity and identity created definitions, what must one believe in or not?

Runhild Roeder
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For years Rene Magritte’s “ Key of Dreams ” has inspired me to rethink the idea of a language. This has constantly made me question the perception of our existing realities.

Why does one need to understand or completely relate to something to experience its wonders and uniqueness? The joy of experience doesn’t need the tool of language, it just needs to remain an experience, which is not obliged to be understood, explained or justified.

“If we take a broad definition of ‘language’ I think we could say no, artists don’t create a language, rather they use and modify existing ones, resulting in a more or less unique style, as every individual is different. This process happens voluntarily and involuntarily; making a perfect forgery, that is, leaving one’s self out, is extremely difficult”. – Juul Kraijer ( Artist )
Jeremiah Gilbert
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This also questions if the unique language is a prerogative of the artists, that guides the viewer to comprehend them as a recreator of a vision. I would also love to distinguish the viewer as a unique experience for the artist.

Can the artistic expression be free of the boundaries of a definite and understandable language and it’s barrier? 

Though I just can not deny the fact that an artist needs a language which might give the viewer an unusual perspective towards the known and the accepted.

"The unique aspect of any artist's language draws upon several factors, ranging from personal and experiential to social, cultural and political among others. Deconstructing, internalizing and redefining all of these influences, through a conscious process, and in conjunction with their own creativity, contributes to the uniqueness of their visual vocabulary." - Nalini Malaviya (Curator)

On the other hand is a viewer obliged to understand

every language ?

Giulio Iurissevich
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Even in the physical and real world, some languages are completely understood and some only partially. Is it possible or even necessary to understand each and every tangible or intangible language? Is language and art only for the sake of its functionality, or can it be an expression of  sometimes being dysfunctional, pushing one’s imagination beyond countless possibilities?

While we speak of the artist and their unique language, how equal is the role of the viewer or the audience who’s life will always have an influence from various backgrounds and a highly diverse environment?

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In the quest for the adventure of probing the uniqueness in various ways while dealing with visual languages, the curious minds of the viewers has the capacity to trigger their memory, and evaluate their personal meaning in art.

How the language finds itself unique for the viewer depends upon their geography, history and fragments of the recollection of their respective lives.

“The perception and perspective of the artist is always unique - as it is with all humans. It is that sense of innate uniqueness that constantly feeds into the creative language of the artist, fuelling the individuality and uniqueness of their work”.  – John Hopper  ( Editor & Publisher- Inspirational Magazine )
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Sometimes the meaning can be far more dominant and create a feeling of expanse rather than the language itself. The experience of the Art work can be much more profound than what was intended.

There seems to be no right or wrong in the visual world. We together are a diverse and unique experiences living in a harmonious and free world. We create out of everything which triggers our emotions, regardless of any expectations and interpretations.

To conclude this essay and to seek further answers, finally I reach out to a few established professionals connected to the world of art and and they graciously supported my essay through their own personal perspectives.

"Every individual is different so his handwriting.. So is his walk, his talk and his expressions too.... This is where I want to begin..... And then my perception... My expression and communication. It is that particular manner of expression in the various creative world's. That creates my unique language" Anondo Moy Banerjee ( Artist & Educator )
Magda Chudzik
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These quotes that I have borrowed from each is an attempt to demonstrate how the words can be derived out of a single lexicon, yet the connotation one is trying to decipher can be so diverse from person to person. They can support or even contradict every possible perspective towards a medium which is highly subjective and yearns to explore beyond the objective world.

Communication existed even before we realized its meaning. We gave it a shape, form and the numerous ways to understand and interpret them. This human creation called language remains an endless speculation, which keeps us thriving to continue our search towards our attempt to learn about  the unknown. The artist here becomes an explorer in time and beyond.

" Early life experiences, interactions and surroundings greatly contribute to an artist's creative language. But, then some use these influences and techniques as inspiration to transcend to a level where they create their own unique visual language the world has never seen before”. – Rahul Pande ( Filmmaker )


Sandeep Biswas is an Indian Photographer with 25 years of experience in Photography. Presently he is busy

Sandeep Biswas

dividing his time between his practice as a photographer, curator and mentor.

He is also a lead curator with VASA-Project an International Media Centre for Photography, Video and Sound Arts based out of USA and Austria and part of curatorial team for Galeria Quarentena based out of Santiago, Chile.

His practice as a photographer has earned him a few prestigious Awards including Fellowships like the Japan Foundation fellowship 2001, India Habitat Centre Fellowship for Photography 2005…

He has had 8 solo exhibitions, over 70 group exhibitions… See full profile HERE.


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