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How People Look At Art Today

Written By Documentary and Art Photographer

Elena Beregatnova


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In famous museums, at large art festivals or in small galleries today most of the viewers in front of an art object take out their mobile phone to whether shoot the artwork, take a  selfie or pose with friends near the art object.

Even though numerous literatures of how to understand contemporary art, and how to visit a gallery have recently appeared, according to scientists’ research, a viewer spends only between 15 to 30 seconds looking at one piece of art.

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The easy sharing of artwork images on social media, breaks that border of museum space modifying the psychological perception of being in the presence of art.

The development of the electronic media makes contemporary art rapidly and publicly available for a large audience. The electronic media become one of the major channels of audience attraction.

Matthew Portch
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Galleries actively use digital and marketing communications for self-promotion, increasing the level of recognition and awareness. Digital environment encourages the audience to be active: to visit museum’s internet-site, online gallery and finally to buy a ticket. Despite the evolution of information technologies people keep the interest in original art. Visiting museums became available and even fun.

Fedor Usachev
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It is not sufficient today for contemporary art only to create new unique content. For consumers and audiences in the consumerism and visual oversaturated era the story of creating art, personal road to becoming an author come to the fore. Ability to storytelling in any art form, adaptive thinking as a key to functioning in a constantly changing environment and readiness for studying on a daily basis become main skills for content creators.

Ale Rambar
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That is why the modern museum represents such a medium which has to evolve, to change all the time to be able to satisfy new requests of the audience in the art sphere.

In the 21st century to visit an exhibition means not only to look at the art pieces but also to document and to reproduce them. A wish to sense the museum space through the selfies and to feel yourself as a part of exposition is probably what contemporary art turns into.


 Elena Beregatnova is a professional documentary and art photographer. She has been photographing for over 10 years. Photography for Elena is the way to explore the world, watching for social life, searching for something unusual in the ordinary reality.

Elena Beregatnova

Today the focus of Elena’s photographic interests is located in the sphere of future manifestation in the present life, modern art and its influence on the society, consumerism tendencies, youth culture and its transformation, urbanism and the state of human loneliness in the big city.






The NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY is designed to connect art seekers and collectors with artists DIRECTLY.  The gallery is not a mall, but instead a collection of remarkable works of art that bring together artists and potential buyers.

The NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY is owned and managed by Edge of Humanity Magazine.

Following Edge of Humanity Magazine‘s footsteps of publishing unparalleled content from artists and photographers worldwide, the NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY is on a mission to provide it’s viewers art that is unique and diverse.



Written By Joelcy Kay – Curator

Every piece of art, crafts, or textiles, hanging on my walls or ceiling tells a tiny passage of my life.  Most of it was acquired during my travels.  Many of these treasures are damaged whether because they were broken on arrival, as the pieces were tightly stuffed into my backpack, or weathered by the unforgiving Florida tropical humidity.  But in the end, they are my precious processions and they are part of the stories I tell.  It feels good to have rugs hanging from the ceiling, masks on the walls, and drinking my morning coffee thinking of the mugs’ tale.  The point here is that art has a lot to offer each one of us; ART IS VERY PERSONAL!

The NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY offers that personal experience as the individual has the opportunity to buy the art from the creator and by doing so a new event to remember is born. When you hang the work of art on your wall there is a story behind it; an artist you now know and follow.  And instead of the usual “I purchased this at “WWW(BIG BIG ART STORE).COM”  the connection enriches the emotional value of your art piece.



The gallery is designed to connect the art seekers and collectors with artists directly. We offer artists a COMMISSION FREE / CONTRACT FREE online platform to sell their creations and engage with their clients using portfolio pages that are engaging with large images and a dramatic black background.

NO MIDDLEMAN is a boutique ART GALLERY; individuals browsing our archives and portfolio pages are relaxed, not pressured to sign up, agree with website terms, or maneuvering out of pop-up windows.

For details regarding participating in the NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY please contact Joelcy Kay the curator at



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We are committed to publishing the human condition, the raw diverse global entanglement, with total impartiality.


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