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Petra Pawlofsky


The stones of the Baltic Sea filigree patterns that resemble white flowers, branches and animals. The chalk rocks around have given them their soft, changeable energy.  So they are quite contrary to what we expect to see in a stone.

In order to develop images from stones I choose a portrait of a single stone or I can arrange two or three stones together for a photo.  Additionally I have transformed some photos digitally and combined them in layers with my paintings.


Stone Times
Petra Pawlofsky

Stone Times is a WhiteWall photo book, 24 pages, A4 high, hard cover with a transparent paper envelope in white, in black, premium semi-gloss paper, with  an introductory text and a title list with some short info on the last page.  Sale in German on WordPress , later on demand in English, too.

Images and painting have been my red thread and my passion throughout my life.


Petra Pawlofsky

As a youngster I dreamt of studying the arts, but I studied philology and taught  English and French at High School instead.

In the meantime, however, I have been able to  dedicate myself to painting exclusively for many years and since 2005 I have shown my paintings in several personal exhibitions  (see Looking back)

Digital images  and videos have conquered a place in my art. To find  parallels and correspondences of color, form, sound, nature and life fascinates me very much. To present them in an image means happiness to me.




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