Written by Darrell Smith


I’ve seen this place before

Yet I walk upon it like it’s unchartered territory

Wondering where and when I’ve set bare feet here?

It’s the feel of the soil between my toes, ALL TOO familiar

YET I seem to have lost my way

I continue on down the weeded path with no real direction of where I’m going

Yet, I know this place

The way the wind blows through the path’s tunnel

A brownish black snake I’ve seen before slithers in front of me

I notice a scar upon its back

That familiar scar deep within the geometric shapes of its back, like a cross

Convinced that I’m in a familiar place where life is endless, I travel barefoot 🦶 onward knowing not where I’ll end

I recognize the smell, sweetness of the bayou that runs side by side in tandem with the path I walk

I’ve been here before; I’ll be here again; I’ll, eternally, be here

Aquatically, bountiful, teeming with wildlife, it’s symbiotically,  twinned with the bayou

Naturally connected to me in some unknown way, I gain dimensional fortitude upon its organizational web of prairie wilderness

No clue to how I’m connected

I’m satisfied

I’m connected to this living organism

Dead organic matter, I stumble upon

Putrefaction fills the atmosphere

Rich, organic matter lingers there disappearing, richness enhancing the complexity of this place

Natural work being done deep within this ecosystem

Its familiarity stirs within me familiar emotions

A place of naturalness

I’m one with this familiar, yet foreign place

I relish its mystery; not important to know

Not knowing is knowing

Knowing is too intensely perfection

I live in unknown, yet known symbiosis

I’m drawn to this known/unknown place, cellular  magnetic mysticism

There is no end in sight, looping back to the beginning

I delight in the conundrum-ness

Gleefully, lost on this prairie loop

Evasive reality

I wander where the path opens 

Triggered by my own unknown mysterious energy I move as if in a trance, stealthily


Text © Darrell Smith



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