Art is my lover and my friend. My art and I have a relationship that can be best described as an emotional all-consuming, dominating, promiscuous rollercoaster. Some will look at this relationship as being only one sided, but that observation would not at all be accurate. Art drives me to reach out and open myself up to not only the world around me, but also to dig deep inside of my being to find suppressed nuggets of creativity.

When I let go of all inhibitions, I allow my imagination to take over and unshackle the non-analytical side of my brain so that I can explore my inner dark side as an artist. What do I mean by exploring my inner dark side of my brain? This is the part of my mind that is complicatedly multi-layered and difficult to reach because it is buried in the subterranean portion of my psyche. Think of a dense web that is coiled and covered in a thick gooey type of molasses that can only be penetrated by an excavator that has no trepidation.

How do I scale down into the murky creative cavernous portion of my brain? I relinquish complete control of my body, mind and spirit to my art. When focusing on my art, I just let go and do not care about embarrassment and what others may think of me being that square peg in a round hole of society and just create. I have no fear of failure, or no thoughts of achieving greatness. Anxiety, fear, and ego are all left at the door. I’m not robotic!  I’m a living breathing organism, that is floating along looking downward, on a non-opinionated universe, that allows complete freedom of expression.  This may sound like fantasy.  However, when I completely submit to art my goddess, free flowing creativity that is bottled up inside my soul is released.  This is reality.


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