I’m wearing an old pair of jeans and boots that are so well traveled that they are an extension of my body. It’s very cold outside, but my jacket keeps me protected from the elements. My wants and needs are minimal. I’m a vagabond. I have no concerns about the future. I’m not important! I’m just a man walking on the cobbled stones that separates old and new Europe.

I step into a delicatessen and purchase a few cuts of ham, salami, cheese, a loaf of bread and a large can of beer. I walk back outside of the store and wander over to a bench and sit down to have my lunch. People walk by and go about their daily routine while I’m just sitting on the bench enjoying my food and drinking a beer. I laugh a bit and then I begin to think about the past. I remember a couple of broken relationships and people I love who have passed away and are no longer in my life. I’m sitting on this bench, during the cold of winter and feeling sad. Pedestrians continue to stroll by unaware of how I feel. I finish my lunch. I down the last of the beer. I then proceed to get up and walk over to the trash container and throw away my rubbish.

I grab a hold of my backpack and swing it over my shoulders and continue on with my journey.  I take a step and then another step rapidly letting go of the negativity that consumed me while I was sitting on the bench. Life is full of ups and downs we all must endure. Dwelling on past negativity is not productive for our lives. Yes, negative thoughts will come and go in my mind, but I do not allow myself to stay depressed for long, about previous adverse events, that have happened in my life. I keep moving forward wandering about tasting the sweetness and the bitterness that life has to offer.


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