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People come to use the vacant bench to sit and rest their tired bones.

“Good Morning!” Said the second occupant of the bench which actually means I’m going to share this space and this moment with you.   I may see the same thing as you do and feel the same breeze you crave the entire day and at the end walk away with a totally different perspective of what happened here during these moments that we both witness.

Park bench - Romania.
Park bench – Romania.

All over the world, it doesn’t matter what surrounds a park bench they emit the same warm feeling and what one hopes for is to sit and rest. For instance, they come to enjoy the physical beauty of a lake or the woods.  They come to watch people and cars’ going by in a rush to nowhere; after all, the end is the same for all of us.

Park bench - Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan,  India.
Park bench – Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India.

People have the tendency of opening up to perfect strangers when sitting on a bench side to side.  They tell their secrets, confess their sins, evoke their rights, claim their possessions and above all speak about their hopes for better days.  The bench hears all, knows all and asks for nothing in return.

Park bench
Park bench

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