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For as I stepped out for my morning walk

I saw these two, an attitude solid as a rock

I asked them where they came from

They were so peaceful amidst the humdrum

Vastu Dev They said they were from Pandharpur

India a land of surprises, roads gives you a panoramic tour!


I chanced upon these people on the road as I was going for my morning walk. They were attired in a different way and dressed in all traditional costumes. They had a different look about them and I walked up to them and asked them who they were and what were they singing. They said they were “Vastu Dev” and they were singing songs of peace and positivity. They do not take alms they said neither do they ask for anything. If people willingly give them, they accept. They spread the message of love and care.

They said they came from Pandharpur which is a very important pilgrim spot for Indians. The Indian God Lord Krishna is worshipped here as Pandarinath. Pandharpur is situated on the banks of the River Bhima and has been named after a great merchant Pundalik who is believed to have attained self realization here.

Vastu Shastra is a science of construction and architecture and is mainly found in the Indian subcontinent. It is mainly a combination of traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. It is based on designs based on combining nature and architecture using geometric patterns and proper alignments.

Dev means God in India, so obviously these singers cum Vastu representatives maybe had a sole purpose of doing something good for the society.


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