Yes, history is an essential element when studying the current events of a country or a group of countries or even the entire world as a whole and how it interconnects. Cultural differences and the historical past provide a pattern and also distinguish how a society behaves. However, with the explosive rise of globalization, social media, internet, technology and the mass amount of people being able to travel relatively easy around the globe, different societies are becoming more of a homogenous melting pot. Likewise, as the world becomes much more integrated and the various cultural differences begin to breakdown because of the bombardment of cross cultural internet communications and ease of long distance travel, people will become much more similar. Increasingly, long standing ways of life will be dissolved and primarily only language, food and some customs will be the only threads left of the civilizations on the planet.

Different cultures by and large are becoming less distinct. People are reading, watching and listening to the same news and entertainment, dressing basically the same, purchasing similar consumer goods, communicating thru the internet with other people from different countries, eating more westernized fast food, and conducting international business easier thru interconnected communication devices.

The Younger generation throughout the globe, is becoming much more educated, informed and do not want to be left on the side of the curb. The youth are rising up and are in a frenzy state shouting enough of the political bullshit.  They want to be free to blaze their own path in life and not be kept under the thumb, of corrupt dysfunctional totalitarian regimes or economically disadvantaged systems.

Today, information flows so freely and very quickly. In the present day, change must be done as soon as possible. The next day is like eternity. Yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s dinosaur.   In the past, change took years, decades or centuries to take place. Before the internet, information moved slowly and people from different lands were not able to easily communicate. Barriers are being torn down and as time goes by, history will place less of a roll in the study of international relations.



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