I’m sitting on my back patio, under the awning, watching the rain. It’s June and the frogs are croaking and the colors on the wet heliconias, gingers, bromeliads and angel trumpets look magnificent. The bananas are flowering and fruit is on the way. The outside speakers are on and I’m listening to the track Straight to the Heart by Sina Vodjani. This is a very beautiful relaxing piece of music. I picked up my copy in Kathmandu, Nepal. The entire disc is very good, but this track is really the stand out. The song is eight minutes long. The version that I found on YouTube is only around four minutes, but it will give you a nice feel for this gem. My recommendations: Too fast for meditation, great for yoga or just relaxation.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Here is a link to the individual download from Amazon.com:

Straight to the Heart