Are you holding yourself back from finding peace in your life?

Chains are all around with the potential to drag  us into a life of misery. What do I mean by chains?  Hate and jealousy are the two  most toxic demons inside our minds and make a person unable to relax and think straight. These emotions will cause anxiety and an unstable existence. There are so called experts who talk  of a magic potion new age or spiritual power to transport you thru a lifetime of happiness. This is nothing but a crock. Until a person has a handle on relaxing the mind, no amount of philosophy will be of use. The calming of the mind is not possible until the chains of hate and jealousy are cut. Mediation is essential for relaxing the mind, but will not be of lasting benefit if the person still has a poisonous inner spirit. One will make mistakes and bounce back throughout their life, but that same individual will never be at peace with themselves as long as they hate and have jealously towards others.


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