Documentary Photography – New Yorkers & Their Living Spaces

Love – Bushwick, Brooklyn

This documentary photography was submitted to Edge of Humanity Magazine by Documentary, Portrait and Music Photographer Leon Cato.


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From project “Inside New York” by Leon Cato.


Jon - Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Jon – Bed Stuy, Brooklyn


New York City attracts a diverse and dazzling array of entrepreneurs, artists, students, business people and health care professionals from every corner of the globe. The opportunities that the city offers – along with the constant stimuli of culture, art and just plain excitement – attracts the most ambitious and forward thinking men and women from every continent and almost every country. With a steady stream of incoming talent it stands to reason that change is constant.


Steve, Upper West Side, Manhattan

Steve, Upper West Side, Manhattan

Isis - Harlem

Isis – Harlem


During early 2012 a family emergency brought me back to NY from London after more than seven years. I quickly realised that I had come back to a city that had almost completely changed. Buildings were now where they had not previously existed, new people were in old neighbourhoods and old neighbourhoods were becoming unrecognisable. During my re-acculturation process I found myself in places that were previous “no-fly zones” for the folk who grew up here during the late 70s, 80s and early 90s. Through gentrification these areas were now filled with transplants and a someway different perspective – one that has the benefit of not experience a rougher and less accessible past.


Alex - Bushwick, Brooklyn

Alex – Bushwick, Brooklyn

Casper - Long Island City, Queens

Casper – Long Island City, Queens


After a friend allowed me to make a portrait in his home in newly gentrified Brooklyn, I decided to document New Yorkers in their homes. The concept is to create a profile and record of the early 21st century New Yorker while providing a glimpse of the constantly-evolving demographics of one of the most dynamic cities in the world.  All while providing the viewer with an intimate look inside the home of the subject.


Micah, West Village, Manhattan

Micah, West Village, Manhattan

Ray, Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

Ray, Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

Lindsey - West Village, Manhattan

Lindsey – West Village, Manhattan

Dabo - Dumbo, Brooklyn

Dabo – Dumbo, Brooklyn


These photographs were made in the homes of New Yorkers all across the five boroughs of the city; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx as well as Jersey City – the sixth borough so to speak.


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