These images were submitted to Edge of Humanity Magazine by Artist John Patterson.


Acrylic on Canvas
Even in the doom of darkest day, always remember that I have a spark that can and will light up at any moment. I will rise, I will find the passion and I will see that glory again. Three strikes? Never out!


The Conductor 1
Acrylic on Canvas
Midnight Moon and the golden steps as the conductor lights the night sky!!! The description is the painting and the painting is the description. Happy times and happy minds make beautiful art with a beautiful sound.


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Think So!
Acrylic on Canvas
It’s something that is from within and very difficult to express with words alone. It is complicated but it is attractive to look at…. It’s Art!


image1 (8)
Acrylic on Canvas
This particular artwork has a lot of thoughts and emotions behind it mesmerizing exuberance. Confusion, sadness, excitement with splashes of sorrowful despair…….. It is an artwork that will take your imagination to old times, sad times and the future. Belief is the key and recordatus will always be remembered.


image1 (4)
Colourful Souls
Acrylic on Canvas
This Larger than life artwork has so many hidden secrets. Look deeply with an open mind to see all the gems below the surface. When life gets to you and you cannot see through the fog, COLOURFUL SOULS will lead the way.


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image2 (2)
Deep Anger
Acrylic on Canvas
A piece of art straight from the heart. In the depths of depression we can sometimes feel the heat of anger coming through. A textured abstract about the pain and darkness of an unhealthy mind.


image1 (2)
Cosmic Void
Sometimes what the man does not say is better expressed through his artwork. Look into the darkness between the vibrant layers of the crimson and soft pink tones. The darkness always retains hope and light. The human mind is deep like the cosmos of space with a million pieces of undiscovered brilliance!


image2 (7)
Golden Horizons
Acrylic on Canvas
A very deep but very uplifting artwork. This XL painting is layered and worked to develop shades of velvet purple and crimson devided by the textured golden centre. A high gloss finish takes this artwork to another level. One of a kind


Ice Azul
Acrylic on Canvas
Freedom of thought with a a touch of the Mediterranean. Ice cool with hints of cyan and Phthalo Blue. Fresh and lively piece of work.


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