Photographer Duncan Waldron is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of theses photographs.  To see Duncan’s portfolio click on any image.


Moon, Venus & Mars 2b Ortonised Moon and planets in twilight


NLC over Arthur's Seat #1 Noctilucent clouds from central Scotland


Aurora over Musselburgh print re-scan Aurora Borealis from central Scotland


Eucalyptus & Stars Star trails behind urban Eucalyptus


Gibbous Moon 2014-03-12 saturation enhanced Waxing gibbous Moon with saturated colour


Comet McNaught 10+13+14 rotated enhanced Comet McNaught in twilight, January 2007


Aurora over Fife, from Musselburgh Aurora Borealis from central Scotland


The Sun - Zeiss & H62 - 20100612_005975 The Sun near sunspot minimum


Moon 3D pair Stereo 3D Moon


Red aurora in Ursa Major - near Cousland, East Lothian Aurora Borealis from central Scotland


Gibbous Moon 1+2+3+4 darkened Waxing gibbous Moon


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