Information overload is causing people to follow the herd and no longer take the time to completely analyze the facts before forming a conclusion. Gazillions of photos and excerpts of data are sent out daily on social media, at lightning speed, across the internet, which brainwash the world population into forming opinions based solely on very limited supporting evidence. Sharing on social media is an excellent method to move information, but are the small morsels of data also causing people to become complacent in allowing others to influence their thinking?

Is Propaganda put out by individuals, well financed organizations and governments creating online zombies? If readers  just take the information that is given to them without question, than various agendas can be presented that are not necessarily in the best interest of society as a whole. In fact, it is quite simply mind control of the masses. The powerful want the common people to be absorbed with frivolous online behavior. This will keep the attention away from how much wealth is being stolen. Lastly, social media sites are collecting a massive dossier on their users’ personal traits. This is extremely dangerous and is rapidly eroding individual freedom.



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