Photographer David  Kenedy is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography.  These images are from his project ‘Where the Heart Is’.  To see David’s gallery of projects click on any image.


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This body of work examines an artist from Virginia who uprooted himself from his urban life in an effort to seek spiritual sanctuary on a remote homestead in Northern Maine, sacrificing the commodities of city living for a chance to experience a truer freedom.


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I have a fascination with people who are trying to find a way to create the kind of life that they really want to live, even if it means making sacrifices, or taking a leap of faith in a direction that is unknown to them. The off-the-grid movement that is taking place in the United States is brimming with people who have this mind-set. However, I am especially interested in those who have had to make a significant transition in their lifestyle and learn many new skills in order to make their new life sustainable and rewarding.


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The photographs seen here were taken in the autumn of 2014. At the time the subject was living on his homestead by himself and experiencing a bit of heartache, hundreds of miles away from his friends and family. He was raised in a suburban setting during his adolescent years; the white-picket-fence American dream always seemingly within reach, yet he chose another path. Now he struggles to keep up with the demands of his homestead, isolated and alone in a place filled with new challenges, from wild animals to the bitter cold.


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Despite the hardship, he continues to believe that he is on the right course, and remains hopeful for the future. His heart guides him to a place where he feels like he can stand his own ground and be true to his quest of life.


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