Cambalacho is embedded in the culture of Brazil. The term means to cheat just a little bit. Cambalacho is accepted across all social sectors of society. Brazil has always had major problems with corruption in politics. It is the norm that various government officials have taken advantage of their position of authority in order to illegally enrich themselves.

Naturally, if the fat cats running the government can steal, then why can’t the average person also take their small slice of the pie, in the form of a little bit of underhandedness. Out of control Cambalacho throughout all layers of society is holding back the country. This is a pity because the Brazilians are extremely intelligent, hardworking, with a natural entrepreneurial talent. The country has a strong industrial, technological base and is blessed with vast valuable natural resources. However, until Cambalacho is drastically cut back from the fabric of the society, Brazil will not fully realize its tremendous potential.



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