Photographer Sebastian Schluter is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this street photography.  From his project Keiyo Street. To see Sebastian’s projects and travel photography click on any image.


Tokyo No. 03119


Tokyo No. 03122


Tokyo No. 03109


Modern cities provide shelter to billions of people throughout the world. Humans created them and attempt to optimize them to meet human needs. Cities run like clockwork that reflects the biorhythm of it’s inhabitants. Built by and for humans, cities serve as one of the most basic and important structures of modern civilization. They provide an environment focused on coexistence of it’s elements.

Learning to adapt personal needs seamlessly into their group’s needs, residents must subordinate some of their own personal desires, while still pursuing both individual desires and demands.  The degree of subordination depends on the region or culture we observe. While personal freedom is variably surrendered, new possibilities and opportunities will arise. Life in cities is thus a balance between subordination and new found freedoms.

Tokyo is a brilliant example of modern urban structure. This body of photographic work, generated over a two year period in the capital, contains visual examples of the urban experience. Residents are shown in ordinary, even banal situations, as individuals with their own thoughts..

A fine line is observed between personal freedom and adapting to the needs of all. Even though urban rhythm seems so perfectly harmonious, residents trade synchronization to this rhythm for maintained individuality. If we look closely we recognize individuality in each within the all. A strong and significant moment. If the photography is successful the individuals are representative of the entire population and that balance.


Tokyo No. 04715


Tokyo No. 02910


Tokyo No. 04716


Tokyo No. 03106


Tokyo No. 02934


Tokyo No. 03120


Tokyo No. 03107


Tokyo No. 03104


Photographs from 2012 and 2013.


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