Photographic Artist Marianna Cardenio is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of  these  images. These photographs are from her project ‘Parallel Lives‘. To see Marianna’s body of work click on any image.




Parallel Lives is a collection of photographs and stories exploring the nature of prejudices. People and circumstances can sometimes push one to act in a way which does not belong to their real self.

This work attempts to demonstrate that everything in life can be questioned. What we see might exist or not and what exists might not be real. 

The series plays on the ideas of true and false as well as from the point of view of the creation process. Presented as a form of documentary project, what truly might seem obvious has actually been carefully staged. Despite that, every subject in the paired photographs hides a sense of belonging to at least one of the two realities in which one is performing. Therefore the project becomes a way of exploring certain dynamics of the human minds through fiction, where somehow the characters are committed to both – or one – version of themselves. 

 Touching themes such as faith, traditions, relationships and money, it is important to discuss these topics because it puts into perspective how much we need to overcome the nature of prejudices. So much so, the purpose of this series is to open our eyes and make us think twice before judging someone, because we all judge, even if we try not to. The first image is not necessarily what we actually see, but it is what we categorise them in our heads without knowing who they truly are. But what are they really?

The objective of this project is not to give answers but to confuse the audience and allow them to perceive their own ideas of the characters. Presenting so much detail within the images really emphasises the ambiguity of the hidden stories, again linking back to the questioning truth behind the photos. 

In Parallel Lives true and false are the key themes of a parallel universe. One cannot be defined without the other. Do both exist?


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