In the Middle East, when entering a traditional bazaar, one is expected to haggle. Quickly, the traveler learns to stay away from the objects he or she really desires.  Selecting many trinkets will confuse the shopkeeper and give you a lower price for your desired purchase.

Use the same method above if you want to conquer, an unacceptable act, an act that will turn your allies against you and place you against the world.

  • Brand yourself as a powerful wild card.
  • Surround yourself with carpetbaggers  who will gain from your power.
  • Make the people afraid and get their full attention by shouting outrageous plans of destruction.
  • Keep the peasants ill and quiet.
  • Send home the peasants you do not like.
  • Label a ‘lie’ anything that does not benefit your goals.
  • Spend an enormous amount of other people’s money.


In the middle of  this chaos, the people will not know your main goal until it is over.




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