My Grandparents Home In Cubao

Lola’s Kitchen


Photographer Stella Kalaw is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From her project ‘Cubao‘.  To see Stella’s projects click on any image.




Lolo and Lola's picture on the wall






I saw my grandparents once since migrating to America from the Philippines. It was right after I graduated from school in California. My heart ached as I sat next to Lola (grandmother). I held her hand. She had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes for years. Before I left, she was still vibrant and it was difficult to see her in this condition. Then Lolo (grandfather) came out from the dining room. I stood up and greeted him with a mano (I took his hand and pressed it to my forehead). I don’t know if he recognized me but I asked how he was doing. All he could mutter was “Ha?” He was hard of hearing. My Lola died in 2002 and my Lolo passed away a week before I took these photographs. Even when I was child, I hardly knew them in spite celebrating many birthdays, holidays and vacations together. My memories are few but visiting Cubao resurfaced many that I had forgotten.






Lolo and Lola's headboard






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