“Late last night he quietly walked into the shadows of his town square.  He received a sign; the group was assembling again.”

They were Anarchists and most free countries today have a story that resembles passages such as this.

There is no greater gift a country can give its citizens other than freedom. Being able to stand up, on your soap box and shoot off your mouth, about your discontentment with your elected government, is paramount to a healthy relationship between government and the people.

Betty is a grandmother, there is  a cross on the wall, over her bed, a bible on her dinner table and the flag flies on her front porch.  She gave birth to eight children and believes that politics should not be left completely to the people in Washington.

Jennifer is an activist, single, pro-choice, part of the LBGTQ community.  She believes in global warming and social equality.

Mike is an atheist, he believes placing the bible in the classroom, is an excuse for mind control and through religion, governments can successfully sway the masses.

Although these people do not share the same values and opinions, they are all patriots.  The allegiance, love and respect, one has for their country, should not be confused with the person’s way of life or dislike for their elected officials.

We are extremely fortunate to have a stable and strong elected government.  However, this does not mean a free pass.  Opposition will keep us from having to sneak into candle lit rooms and from becoming a dictatorship. We owe it to our country, to keep us being ‘The Land Of The Free’. To let that slip away would be  unpatriotic.




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