Artist and Photographer Allison Rufrano is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images. These photographs are from her project ‘Memory Box‘.  To see Allison’s portfolio click on any image.


Sam Rufrano, March 27, 1916-May 25, 1996


The Memory Box Collection is a way for me to remember and honor beloved friends and family. Wrapping the cards with materials that symbolize my relationship with each individual, I pay homage to those who have influenced me throughout my life. From darkness, the objects emerge, like the dawning of long-forgotten memories. These “keepsakes” each list the name of the deceased along with the dates of birth and passing.


Connie Gerdvil, March 9, 1918-June 5, 1996


Elizabeth Gill, May 18, 1941 – April 2, 1998


Grace Rufrano, February 26, 1923-May 14, 1998


Joan Poppe, May 24, 1929-May 22, 2003


Giuseppa Bulla, May 2, 1917-August 28, 2005


Donald Graziose, May 18, 1945-March 25, 2007


Memory Box Closed


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